Friday, July 27, 2012

3 Action Packed DVD Giveaways from Disney Entertainment

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I was approached by Disney Entertainment to review some dude movies.  Yeah! Bring it on! Nothing like a bit of action films to break the monotony of watching Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle with my little boy every day.

Disney Entertainment has also kindly offered one lucky person the chance to win all three of these DVDs.

What are they?  Well, here they, kindly reviewed by yours truly..

Killer Elite

Available on Blu-Ray and DVD from July 4

Statham, Owen and De Niro.  If that doesn't scream dude movie, I don't know what does.

Killer Elite is set in the 80's. The first action scene was very cool, but then our main guy is randomly reading a letter in a combie van in Australia. Very random, I just want to know why they are killing dudes.

Lots of bang bang shoot em ups and the sounds are so realistic when a gun is fired. Something I haven't noticed in a movie before.

We've got some pretty cool hitman story going along, but I don't feel like we are in the 80's like the movie is supposed to be set in. At least as the movie goes on, I understand better why folks are getting shot at. We've got hitmen for hire people, and scary dudes at that.

Ooh look! There's that guy that hosted the TV show "The Mole".

Oops, enough of that, there's a car chase! Bah, for five seconds.. don't they know action movie car chases only end when things explode?!?

Argh! Enough of that, there's a fist fight! PULL HIS MOUSTACHE OFF, PULL HIS MOUSTACHE OFF!!!

Sorry about that, got into it a bit there :-)

Without going into a lot of detail and giving anything away, the best way to describe this movie is intense. Storyline could be better, but nothing surprising for an action flick. Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert De Niro are all good, although Owen has one weird eye for some unknown reason and De Niro is hardly around at all. But like I said, action & suspense. That's what it's all about and it's pretty good.

Watch the making of in the special features to learn about how it is loosly based on a true story.

Pretty good. I give it three out of five.

John Carter

Available on Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray 3D and DVD from July 4

I've been looking forward to John Carter ever since I first saw the trailer. The special effects look amazing and as soon as this movie starts, it doesn't disappoint. Starships like a flying electric insect, strange angel like folks flying from the sky. Pretty cool, let's see how the story goes.

In a surprise twist, we are in the time of the American Revolution. It's Cowboys vs Indians. Yeeeha! Hehehehe. Oh no wait, we're on Mars now. Awesome! Poor John Carter can't work out the gravity. Cool idea by the writers! Just wondering how he's breathing without any oxygen. Is there oxygen on Mars? I dunno..

Ahh who cares, there's no time for that now, alien babies are being born! It's all going on, I really don't know what's going to happen next. It's so far very original, but saying that it feels like the movie has taken ideas from computer games I used to play like Dune and Starcraft. That's great though because I love those games, but the storyline is starting to fit too much in at once.

Ha! Red vs Blue with the Green the extra bystander. Exactly like the Dune games! The nerd in me is happy! (God I hope some of you out there get this awesome Dune reference)

The storyline I'm not really caring about, I just look forward to what kind of action this movie is going to show next, cos John Carter is kicking some arse.

Overall, there's some cool monsters, cool aliens and wicked special effects. This movie is a good night's viewing, if you let yourself go and enjoy the sci-fi. Two and a half out of five.

London Boulevard

Available on Blu-Ray and DVD from July 18

Never heard of this movie. Know nothing about it. Sometimes that's a good thing. Although, me and an old gal pal of mine were once standing at the cinemas, trying to decide what to watch.  We saw the word "RANDOM".  Yeah! That sounds cool, lets watch that!  ..sigh.. it was Random Hearts with Harrison Ford and some chick. A love story.. blergh..

Anyway, I do digress.  All I know about London Boulevard that it has one of my Hollywood fave hotties is in it. Colin Farrell.

Oh! Oops.. I mean, Keira Knightley. Love her. her.. love her..

Anyway, shhh, movies started. Just realised it's set in London. Quick aren't I? Loved London when I was there. Here's hoping I love the movie too.

Mitch, aka Colin Farrell is an ex-con, trying to avoid the lure of crime. Doing a good job so far, making it look like we're in for a low-action/high romancy type movie perhaps. (Random Hearts, here we come..)

Pow! Hmm maybe medium action :-)

Looks like Mitchell has got a pretty well known reputation. No idea why, or what he's done, but I'm very intruiged!

I sort of just sit there and watch, soaking it all in.  It does feel rather long winded in parts.

The movie is very new age London gangster. Knightley is great, Farrell is dark and the movie rolls in ways you wouldn't expect. It is so slow at times, but it builds the suspense to be worthwhile.

It's weird and intense, but it will bring discussions with your mates on how things turn out. Two out of five.

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