Thursday, May 24, 2012

I guess you can say, I'm eccentric.

I guess you can say, I'm eccentric.

I didn't even mean to start this post, but it sort of just happened. Weird stuff like this is just.. happening.

An idea will come into my mind and I just have to get it out there.

Not much I do makes any sense to people.  Then again, those things aren't shared to many.  Those weird ideas or thoughts that happen to appear in my brainy place somewhere.

Today, I took a newspaper that held my Suduko puzzle that I completed and matched it to the horoscopes beside.  I took the first number as how many rows I had to go down, the second as how many words I had to go across.  Then I circled that word.

I did it for the first two numbers of each square of nine.  Weird huh?

I posted it on Twitter...

The words I circled: Disappointment. So have they. Aren't you obviously too promising?

Couldn't believe it...  My eccentricity (aka weirdyness) stumbled on to something I found totally awesome.

Yep.. weird.

Perhaps being a father is slowly turning me into stranger and stranger.  Perhaps interpreted as more embarrassing by the day, evolving in to that embarrassing "ohhh.. daaadd.. " creature. But I'm embracing it.  I don't know what I'm going to think of next.

Especially on this blog, where I have felt stale in my writing..  I want to be you don't know what is going to happen next.


(hahaha, man, I'm so funny. Couldn't help myself)

Get used to this oddball Aussie dad, cos he ain't going anywhere yet..

- tork

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bad Blogger Step 6: Speakin' Tricky and stuff

Welcome to Step 6 in my I'm a Bad Blogger series. You can find my original bad blogger post here.

When I speak and stuff, them thingo's that I speak out my mouth mightn't be the bestest words, but when I write, one tends to become further educated and pronounced...

6. Use complex language

This one is going to be a little bit different.  You'll have to read my page and Tracheomalacia and Vocal Cord Palsy. Two conditions that my son (supposedly) has.

Why in a page and not a post? You'll have to wait until I finish this series..

..whenever the bloody hell that will be!

Hmm, should've done an ocker language post hehehe!

- tork

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's day

As the weekend draws closed,
Where the sun long has set,
A mother, she rests,
Of the day she loves yet.

With hugs from her boy,
And a husband with care,
No day she loves better,
Until next year is there.

And although gifts aren't given,
All day, year round,
She knows she is loved,
Where grins are found.

She rests her head upon pillow,
On a mum's cherished day.
And a whisper to sleep from her husband,
A very Happy Mother's day!

Happy Mum's day to all the mum's.  Hope you had a great day...

- tork

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother's Day Giveaway via Moonpig

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Mother's Day is coming up again and I have a giveaway for you!

Mother's day is when I am eternally grateful to my own mother and equally grateful to the mother of my child. But, I am very useless at finding ideas for a mother's day gift.

Not until Moonpig got in touch with me! They are based in Sydney and have personalised cards and personalised mugs for a great mother's day gift! So, of course I was keen on having a look at them!

I went on their site and started designing a mug. There are plenty to choose from in the mother's day category. I can add my own photo on the mug as well as my very own words. Really cool, until.. argh! I hit the backspace button! I lost all my stuff I was doing! That was annoying. I had to start again. Grr!

Looking back, if I had just hit the forward button on my browser, I'd have all my info again. Oh well, silly me. So I went again, added my own words and a picture of my son. I'm happy with the final product. Probably could have lightened the photo a bit with the site's editing tools though.

But, here it is! Nice and pretty and girly. The wife will love it.

On to building a card. Again, there are tons of personalised cards for mother's day. Soon enough I've picked my favourite to start personalising.

The site's online editing system is really good. You can pretty much change everything that you want! Make it as personal as you feel. Although, some of the fields on the card you can't leave blank. I wanted to leave the wife's name blank on the front. Felt like hand writing it for a further personal touch. Kind of strange anyone wanting to do that I guess, but it would be cool if it let you.

Anyway, I figured it out, added a few personal touches on the inside, as well as my witty "As good as the Crow's premierships" on the front top.  If that doesn't show gratitude, I don't know what does!

Here's how it turned out.

So overall, the site is great for kids or dads that want to give their special mum in their life something personal without taking too much effort, because we all know everyone is lazy compared to a mum (at least that's what I'm told on a daily basis hehehe).

Hope my wife likes it!

Overall the site is very clever and something I'd recommend to others that want a special, personalised card for a certain someone's special day.

The folks at Moonpig have kindly offered the chance for you to use their services for free!

Moonpig are giving away to one lucky winner a $25 credit on their website so that you can also send someone a personalised card.

Simple enter below. Good luck!

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Open to Aust residents only

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Friday, May 4, 2012

I reckon you should visit Two Point Five Kids

I know I really should be flogging dad bloggers like myself, as we all know how much better the dads are than mums ;-)

But over at Two Point Five Kids you'll find a groovy little blog to go visit.  A mum blogger that's always been sharing and caring for me here at Tork's blog.

I'm always so happy when I get a Facebook comment or like, and it's usually from this rad mum blogger.  I really appreciate it! I really do.

Check out how she proposed to her man friend in front of thousands and thousands of people.  You'll be amazed.

I'm going to draw little willies on things to amuse myself while you check out Two Point Five Kids.  Make sure you don't forget to come back here afterwards.

Don't stay forever! There's only so much doodling I can take!

(See what I did there?)


- tork

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Help me win the Lotto!

Go with me on this... I need your help!

See, I'd love to be a millionaire (derr) and I've always been intrigued by the idea that problems can be solved in numbers.

What does that mean? Two different things actually. The Crowd and The Numbers.

The Crowd

The crowd is you. My readers.

So my problem is I'm not a millionaire ;-)  A problem winning the lotto would fix!

With a problem solved better with two heads, a few hundred heads such as you guys is even better! Different backgrounds, different knowledge, different answers.

The Numbers

Argh! Those terrible numbers.

I'm a stats man. Love my stats. One of my only great abilities is to recall mobile numbers with ease. But numbers are no good when you don't have the right ones! Damn me always picking terrible numbers..

The Problem

By now you may have figured out what I'm talking about. I need your help picking numbers in x-lotto to help make me a millionaire... WOO!

I'm allowed to dream aren't I? :-)  Being the sole wage earner is a tough gig!

But what the crap am I talking about?

Well, like I said earlier, I've been intriugued about the power of the crowd. That any problem can be solved in numbers. So that being said, surely if a whole bunch of people pick a whole bunch of numbers, we can solve the problem of picking wrong numbers by picking the right ones!

So I need as many people as possible to give me a number between 1 and 45 inclusive. This number must be a number that you insist will be drawn in the lotto. A number that you are 100% sure will make the grade.

Don't read any of the other comments.  Pick a number you think will definitely be drawn.

I will tally all these numbers, do some fancy Tork tricks with them, and buy a x-lotto ticket in Tuesday's $70 million Oz Lotto Jackpot.

I Hope You'll Help Me Out

Hopefully you'll do something silly like give me a number between 1 and 45 inclusive in the comments below. I've always wanted to try this and I've always wanted to be a rich fat bastard instead of a poor semi-fat bastard.

I know it's not going to help you become a millionaire, but it feeds my nerdy, maths boy, hidden inside me. You don't want that nerdy little boy to go hungry now, do you? :-)

Check out this video to see why this idea always had me thinking. I know it's an illusion, but I hope it helps to make you comment! It would be amazing if it actually works!

Thanks for commenting!

- tork