Saturday, January 28, 2012

Celebrity Beard Stubble

Lazy? That's me. That's why I sport beard stubble.

That's right, beard stubble.  Because, apparently, laziness is attractive to women.

I'm here to prove it wrong to stop the attention I get in the street.  Damn crazy girls, I'm a married man for god's sake! :-)

So here is my homage to beard stubble with...

Famous Celebrity People Beard Stubble

Actor Beards

Ohhh look at me.  I'm Brad Pitt, apparently the most desirable hand bag on the face of this planet.  I've got beard stubble and don't you know it!

Check me out, I'm George Clooney, I've got grey bits in my beardy stubble that makes all gals of all ages smile. Aren't I devilishly debonair and fancy.

I cut my own hair, don't shave every day of the week and talk in a silly accent. I'm Gerard Butler! Ain't I a peach?

Look at me, I like to call myself Hugh Laurie and be really funny in shows like Blackadder. Sometimes I speak in an English accent, other times in American. It confuses me, so I use my stubbly beard to scratch and ponder which voice I'll use today.

I'm the other Hugh that can dance and sing and slice your guts open with my awesome bones of steel.  But please don't call me Wolverine.  I'm Hugh Jackman and aren't I lovely?

Am I making you girls not like man beard stubble yet?

No?  Hmmm.. maybe I need to take it to the next level

Musician Beards

They call me Keith Urban. My famous man beard stubble helped me land Nicole Kidman, otherwise she might have confused me for a girl, what with my long flowing lady locks.

I'm an awesome singer (really, I am), but sometimes I forget whether my name is Prince or if I am that weird symbol thing.  Just to make sure though, I draw teeny little dots on my upper lip to notify the hot chicky babes that I am masculine and ready for special cuddles.

Still not convincing enough to stop fondling my face forest?

Here's the big one then..

Scientology Beards

My work here is done.

- tork