Sunday, January 27, 2013

People Are Awesome again..

Sometimes, you just feel like watching something that makes you feel good.

I posted one of these vids in my first month of blogging.  A new one is out..


never forget, you are people too :-)


Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Old Australia Day - A Poem

It's a purple, dusky sky, with the hot air drying clothes on the hoist,
Mum's dinner's on the barbie, with the lamb roast looking moist.

Us kids are done playing cricket, with Gramps behind the stumps,
I bowled bouncers at my brother, now I'm laughing at his lumps.

The grass is crying from the heat, it needs to get some water on it,
The sprinkler would work better if my little brother would get off it.

The yell goes out "Come get it!", time to dig in to our grub,
But Mum has overcooked it and Dad's dreaming of his pub.

But I still scoff down my meal, on another Aussie Day.
And remind my Pop of his bad jokes like any other day.

But then says Pop "Hey what you get crossin' an Elephant with a Roo?"
"Big holes across Australia" I say, "You need jokes that are new!"

The mozzies start to bite from that river out the back.
You know the night is over when they all start to attack.

The sky is still that purple, dusky sky when night is dry.
There's nothing like the sight, past them gum trees, to the sky.

Bring all the fam into the house to have a drink infront the telly.
An Aussie Day kept in my mind, in my heart and in my belly.

- tork

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fun at Target in the Back to School Sales

My boy might not yet be old enough for school, but that doesn't mean I don't know when to grab a few bargains!  So I visited Target to hunt down some deals.

You might be surprised that a guy knows how to spot a bargain.  Well, when you have a wife like mine, any chance to save a few dollars is the work of a smart man!

So it's back to school for all the kiddies.  I'm certain loads of parents are happy to see their kids off to school.  With my boy not even two yet, we relish the extra time that we get with him being at home.

Sure, there's no need for the deals that Target give for school books, school shoes etc.  But the bargain bins go NUTS this time of year!

Here's a couple of sweet finds.

Bargain Books

I grabbed this great book from a bargain bin.  For only $3, that is money well spent.  I'm after number books at the moment, with the lad learning to count, I want as many good number books as I can find.  This one is simple and spells the numbers out as well.  Great find!

Superslide 123 - $3

Improving Your Memory for Dummies.   Hmmm. can't remember why I bought that.

But for a $1 maybe the book can help me remember! hehehehe

Improving Your Memory for Dummies - $1


I was on a mission to grab some crayons for my little guy.  He's never used crayons, only chalk on a blackboard.  Really want him to start drawing a little bit better.  We've had to be watchful over him with chalk & felt pens because he's too fond on sucking or eating them.  There's that worry in the back of our minds of choking hazards, so he hasn't drawn as much as I'd like.  Crayons that are non-toxic and easy to wash off walls & clothes is important, so I found these good ones to get him started on.  Got to get him up to speed for when he does go to school!

Crayola Large Washable Crayons - $4.80


We've wanted a little helping hand in the kitchen.  Food processors have been high on the "want" list for a little while now.  I found this nifty gadget that looks like it will seal the deal!  The Tefal Fresh Express slices, grates and finely grates your foods for you.  And because I've forgotten to get a crayon sharpener, I think it will also come in handy for that too!  haha!

But I am looking forward to making a few pasta dishes I've had in mind.  Now I have something that will finely process foods for me, I can give them a crack. Yippee!

Tefal Fresh Express - $69

Men's Fashion

Well look at me.  Who would have thunk it.  Me talking about fashion.  Sure it's not vajazzled or anything (must look that word up for what it means..) but they're fine with me!  Love a good tee. Target always have nicely priced men's t-shirts, with plenty of bargain racks to sort through.  I always look forward to putting on a new shirt after buying it!

Playstation T-Shirt - $12.88
Dingo Records T-Shirt - $17

Well, there's just a few examples of my latest visit to Target.  Don't forget there are plenty of Back to School bargains, plus plenty of other bargains to check out.

Tell me about your best bargain find!  Love hearing those stories..

- tork

Wednesday, January 9, 2013



It's the first time this year that I have worn pants.

No, I'm not about to inform you about my new years nudity resolutions, I'm talking about how my pants are getting tight for me!

Check out my tweet...


It's not really common place for a guy to talk about their weight, is it? But I'm happy with a few extra kilos. At 84 kgs of man blogger, I'm fine with it. But the prospect of spending dollars on new clothes makes this penny pincher want to get his fat arse on a treadmill. Stupid reason, but that's the first thing that came to mind.. "blergh.. now I have to buy new pants".

I've always been a sporty guy. Tennis, Basketball, Caber Tossing (hehehehhe) but life/fatherhood doesn't factor time into exercise. It's easy to say "There's always time" but sometimes that's not true.

There is however, "always a way". A way to exercise and do that little bit more in my daily routine. I know playing with my boy, sometimes I stop with a "ooh, you're so heavy now, I need to sit down" but I should keep going with a few more throws in the air of Junior fat boy. I should do a few more runs of chasey down the hallway with the best screamer you'll ever see..

So I'm chucking in a few extra walks (and for longer), more carefree throws towards the clouds for my little tacker, and less of the fatty foods that taste too god damn good.

But there's always time for cake, of course. No one is superhuman! Cake is fucking awesome.

So what are your exercise tips? Got any good ones for a working parent?

- tork

Friday, January 4, 2013

Here We Go Again Calendar

So it's another year.  2013 for those playing at home.

I've so much to look forward to.  My boy turns two this year.  Hopefully his talking will improve this year as he is only saying a few words and mostly babble.

But he has crawled his way into a toddler bed.  They grow so quickly, don't they?

This year I'd like to aim at doing things I've always wanted to do.  I'm already a published author, albeit a dad joke book, I'm still claiming it!  Had a few sales, but would like to help out the local charities more with a few more sales.  Might have to watch this space for special deals on the book!

But there are loads of other things I've always wanted to do.  One is to be a song writer.  I was thinking about it this morning whilst listening to the radio.  Some songs are so crap.  Have you seen 1 pound fish yet?

*insert audible sigh here*

To have my own song would be coooool.  Terrible singer, but I could write a song easily!

Seen my video I made for this blog?  I made the music..  Not really a song, but it was so much fun.

Guess I need to find someone who knows how to make their own music, can sing, but is dyslexic. Hmmm..

Not your usual new years resolution to be a song writer, but that's not my only new years resolution!

Here's a few more:

- like all my facebook statuses because they are always awesome
- don't eat too much crap food
- read more with the boy, less playing, more reading
- hang out with adults more often

Let's have a good new year everyone.  Whatever you do this year, do it with style.

..and take my advice, take off your pants and slide on the ice!

What's your new years resolutions?

- tork