Sunday, May 26, 2013

Shannan Weight Loss Challenge - Week 7

Sitting here tonight and just watching a bit of Biggest Loser on the telly.

Ohh muh gawd. Commando took his shert awf.  He's soooo dreamy.


Err, yeah so anyway, the weight loss challenge is coming to a close.  This is the time that after two months you start becoming lazy with eating, lazy with excerise.  Yes I have gotten lazy with the eating, but not with my excersize.

I am still 82kgs.  Nothing lost but nothing gained.

I'm happy with my weight these days.  It's about not getting lazy though, now that I have lost 5 kilos through the Shannan Challenge.

It's about keeping on with the healthy eating and the excercising. This is the message that keeps popping in my inbox from the challenge. To keep on going.

Keep on being healthy!  Sure, I don't need to follow the really tricky calorie counting after the challenge finishes, I just need to keep the weight at a constant level now that I'm in my thirties.

It's too easy to be lazy.  It's handy having a wife to stop me being lazy.  She pokes my fat bits to remind me to stop being lazy!

If I poke her fat bits, it will help my excercise too!  The amount of running I would do from a wife running after me with a bat might just be the push I need.

Hmmm.. might go do that now for a few extra kgs sweated out.

If I don't make it out alive, tell my mum that it was my wife.. haha

One last week of the Shannan Challenge to go. Here's to sweating it up like a fat guy in a sauna this week!

- tork

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Shannan Weight Loss Challenge - Week 6

Whoop! 82kgs. Ohh yeah, dropped myself 1 kilo!

I don't know how I did that.  Bagged myself a weight loss this week and even after my wife decided to bring home a dirty, nasty pizza for tea one night!

Not too bad, even if I do say so myself.

Shannan recently posted this on his facebook page:

To lose 1 kg you need to burn 7000 calories. On my Challenge, we attack this from two sides:

  1. a delicious 1200-calorie menu plan and,
  2. a 600-calorie a day exercise plan.

The weight loss potential is enormous. In 8 weeks, members lose everything from those pesky last 5 kg to a life-changing 25 kg. Join us!

Well, I've got rid of 5 kilos!  But it's been a mental 6 weeks.  I've definitely learnt more about how calorie counting is important.

I've also learnt that exercise can be easy.  Putting extra effort in when playing with the kid, taking extra walks or doing that extra bit of housework around the place (even if the wife doesn't think I do that hehehe).

The menu plan is definitely hard to follow at first, but it gets easier.  The exercising is tough, but it gets easier.

I didn't think I'd manage to get off my backside and keep losing the kay-gees, but it's not too hard once you know what you're doing.

So take that longer walk guys!  Choose the low-fat or diet options.  Take it from this guy over here, who laughed at people saying that sort of thing. Every little change like that helps.

Get off on the earlier bus stop on the way to work.  No rush in getting to work later! hehehe

etcetera, etcetera..

For your extra help, Shannan's next 8 week challenge starts again soon and he's offering an early bird package that saves you $50 if you are keen.

Check it out if you're needy for that extra push on your weight loss.  After my 6 weeks, I recommend it.

Thanks to my wife too for not allowing me KFC tonight.  I wanted it as badly as Michelle Bridges wants Commando.

That's right.. I read that juicy bit of gossip in the supermarket...

Anyway, onto another week!  Wish me luck.

- tork

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Shannan Weight Loss Challenge - Week 5

Ohhh man... what.a.week..

Had to weigh myself at a different time of day this week.  Didn't have access to a set of scales. I think that throws out your weekly weigh-in figures.

Anyway, I've been hundreds of kilometres away the last few days for a funeral. Throws a spanner into the works for everything that you usually do, but those things really aren't relevant in the whole grand scheme of things, especially like my 1kg weight gain this week.

You don't worry about what you eat on occasions like these, although I did try and be as good as I can, what with the little cakes and beers to cheer with that I was smashing down.

I did make sure I raised a sweat and exercised.  I made sure I played extra hard with my boy as much as I could, but the sweating I put in just wasn't enough.

Is it ok to let loose every now and then?  We're all human aren't we and sometimes you just feel better after a Chicken Schnitty & chips.  Comfort foods.

Not good though on a weight loss challenge.  Even though I've lost weight, I really want to lose more.  I know just where to go as well, and that is the exercise challenge tabs that Shannan's Challenge has.

I need to rip into it and get under 80kgs.  Would be great if I can do it!

Wish me luck!

- tork

PS. Happy Mothers day as well everyone.  Weight loss challenges are nothing compared to the challenges of being a mother.   We would be nothing without our mothers and I am ever thankful for the mothers in my own life.  I can never repay my wife for all that she does, nor my own mother.  So all I can do is show them how important they are to me, not just on this one day but on all days.

Thanks Mums for all you hard work!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Shannan Weight Loss Challenge - Week 4

The greeks might be the death of me.

Their damn parties with the making of delicious sugary treats! Baklava (spelling?), oh man.  Insert into mouth? Yes please.

Also, damn Oporto's!  Stupid, delicious spicy chicken burgers with fantastic spicy sauce.  I've been really good too.  It's my first fast food meal for such a long time.

I can tell you all though, that this week of the Shannan Ponton Weight Loss Challenge, I have not gained any weight!!

..err.. I also haven't lost any weight either.  Yay!  but.. ohh at the same time.

I would definitely put this week down as a win though.  I didn't get to do my fill-in spot in my friend's social sporting team, which I put down to the main reason for shedding the kilos.  My pattern on the challenge has been whenever I miss out being a fill-in, I put on weight.  So, little win there and it's all about the little wins.

The challenge has helped brighten my ideas of eating habits.  It has been the real kick up the arse.  It hasn't however been the best motivator for doing the proper exercises.  Don't think that is the fault of the challenge, moreof the fault of mine, using the excuse of "I just dont have the time".

I do have the time though to go for slightly longer works with a higher intensity, as well as longer and more active playtime with my little boy. This is what I've been doing, otherwise other things just wont get done.

I'd be much more happier to have lost weight this week, but i'm not totally bummed.  Sure, I haven't got to my 75kgs goal just yet, but at 82kgs I really cant complain.

The 5 kilos I've lost so far is fantastic! Starting to fit back into my old clothes is great for my budget problems :-)

How has your weight loss been going? We're you a fat bastard like me and succumbed to the craving of take away?

Got any tips for making time to exercise properly? Love to hear from you.

- tork