Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Weight Loss Challenge plus a The Biggest Loser Giveaway

I'm excited to tell you all about my newest venture!

Losing weight!

I'm not going to do it by myself.  Hopefully I have all of my readers support!  But I've also been lucky enough to be approached by the team at the Biggest Loser Club.

I'm so lucky to be approached by Shannan Ponton and team for the Shannan Weight Loss Challenge.  It's an 8 Week Challenge where I'll receive recipes, workout plans and feedback from Shannan himself.

Yeah I've been lazy over the past few years.  I currently weigh 87kgs.

That might not seem much to a lot of people, but to me it's around 12kgs overweight.

I used to be fit, playing all sports you can think of, having plenty of time to exercise.  These days, I do no exercise. None, nada, zippo!

All I manage to get in is the run down the hall way with a crazy two year old, or a run after a bus when I miss it.

I need to change things up and fit in exercise somewhere.  I really don't know how.  Would be great to get some advice on what to do!

I really don't know how I can fit in some exercise, so I'm looking forward to 8th of April when the Shannan Ponton 8 Week Challenge starts to give me a helping hand.

I'll be doing a review each week on how I'm proceeding, but also, I have two of the Shannan Challenge to give away!

Here is some info on it:

The celebrity trainer from the hit TV Show, The Biggest Loser, will become your own personal trainer and have you looking fit, toned and fabulous with his exclusive online program. Shannan’s 8 week Fast Track Challenge incorporates his 20 years’ experience in personal training with his special brand of energy to deliver a weight loss program designed for men and women of all ages and body shapes.

As a member you will receive:
  • Workout plans created by Shannan for every level, from beginner to advanced exercisers.
  • Daily recipes and Shannan’s favourite meals to keep your diet and nutrition in check.
  • Daily online feedback and motivation from Shannan to keep you going.
  • Weekly video meetings where Shannan will offer tips and answer your questions in real time.
  • Support from the Biggest Loser Club - including access to its scientifically proven weight loss tools.

In addition to the great program and tools, Shannan will keep you motivated throughout the Challenge with:
  • Leaderboards to challenge yourself and other members so you can make friends and have fun along the way.
  • Prizes to celebrate your weight loss and fitness achievements.
  • Surprise workouts and maybe even the chance to workout with him.
Wish me luck in losing a whole stack of kilos in this weight loss challenge!
To register for Shannan’s 8 week Fast Track Challenge yourself, or to find out more, go to Shannan Weight Loss Challenge.

So I have two Shannan Challenges, valued at $149.00 each to giveaway!!  Competition will run for a fortnight.  Enter below and best of luck!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

When do kids reach the Terrible Twos? Isn't it Two?

So, I'm sitting there minding my own business, then my wife says "I'm pregnant!".

Fast forward nine months and I become a dad.

Fast forward two years and my little boy hits the terrible twos.

..hang on a minute.. my boy isn't two yet!  We're not supposed to be dealing with constant tantrums and crying when he doesn't get his way yet!

Damn it!

Yep, the little cub has definitely hit the terrible twos early.  Banging on doors when I close them "I want to be on the other side mother fucker!".  At least, that's what I interpret his red in the face, horizontal running man tantrum to be.

"No! I don't want to read books at the moment!  I wan't to stand on top of the couch or put magnets in the microwave, you grown up shaved monkey!".  Again, that's me interpreting his screaming dance as if his feet we're on fire, marching up and down on the spot.

Ahhh he's not that bad.  My favourite game is letting him run away from me, then waiting for him to turn around to run back towards me.  He runs at full pace, screaming at the top of his voice with laughter and headbutts me for a cuddle.  Love those parts of my days.

But I can see him getting his tantrums on.  I can see him understanding more and more with every day he gets older and therefore knowing what mischief he can get up to.

But how old was your kid(s) when they had their terrible twos?  Got any hot tips for me for beating the tantrums?

- tork