Top 5 Immersive PC Games


immersivepertaining to immersing or plunging into something

I wanted to make a list of my top 5 games where I felt like I was actual living the situation that I was playing, that I was immersed in the game.  I'm sure that there are more out there that you'd like to add, but these are my Top 5.  Lets plunge into them!

5. Populous: The Beginning

This game was great.  I wish I still had it.  It is a game where you play as a female shaman leading a tribe. It is a God type game. I love these types of games, but this one was the best I found. Released in 1998 and helping me waste plenty of my precious study time whilst summoning fireballs from the sky and bringing forth mighty tornadoes.  You'd have an AI tribe to fight against that was a pretty tough challenge.  As you played more and more levels, the more abilities your shaman would get, like creating earthquakes and summoning swarms of insects.  I don't know that many people that know this game. Never played it Multiplayer, but I definitely felt like I was a god amongst men. It was awesome.

4. Theme Park

A product from Bullfrog where you design you're own Theme Park, where you can build Burger joints, Water Slides, Rollercoasters, Bumper cars and more!  You'd have bullies enter your park and pick fights with costume actors. You'd have to hire cleaners to clean up spew afters kids eating too much then going on your rollercoaster.  Okay, so it may not be the best game graphically, or the world's most popular. But, I actually felt like I was above a theme park that I owned, designing it and making sure that it ran smoothly.  Man it was fun.

3. Call of Duty: Black Ops

The most recent of the CoD series, this first person shooter was the first I bought for years.  I missed the World at War and Modern Warfare phenomenons, so I thought I better grab Black Ops.  It is awesome.  Multiplayer I found very realistic and hard.  Why I haven't got it as number 1 is because Single player is like watching a movie.  It is in my list though as being one of the most immersive games because I felt like I was in the movie shooting dudes, but there are still better ones.  Plus, games where you respawn give it away to remind you that you are playing a game. Awesome game though!

2. Bioshock

Holy sh*t Batman, this game scared the poop out of me. I got my new computer all because of Bioshock (fyi, I'm not talking about Bioshock 2). My old computer & monitor couldn't handle the graphics in this game, so a new computer I just had to get!  I also bought new speakers, surround sound.  As soon as I was all set up, I loaded up this game right from the very start.  You're in a plane that is going down into the ocean and you land near an island.  You swim over to this island to find out it has an underwater city beneath it, set as if it were the 1920s or something similar.  There are these human/zombie like creatures that make a bone-chilling sound.  The lead up to the first monster you encounter is incredible.  Scariest game I've ever played.  Only comes in at number two however because at one point I got stuck and couldnt open a door to continue the game.  I never finished it.  Really should get back and finish it, it is hell long!

1. Warhammer Online

WoW?  What is that? I've never played World of Warcraft. I've always said I'll never play a game that would take over my life.  When Warhammer came along, I had a mates account to play with for free for a few days, and I got hooked.  Warhammer Online comes from the people at Mythic Entertainment.  It is an MMORPG similar to WoW in the fact that you run online quests with randoms or guildies to gain XP to reach the highest levels of the game.  The more quests you do, the more XP you get, and the more weapons you can find.  There was also Map areas where you could take or defend keeps against the enemy online players (Realm vs Realm combat)  Ohh, that was so much fun.  So you'd fight this little lizards or dragons or whatever monster mobs there were as quests, then you'd jump on your horse through graphically awesome forests or plains to these keeps to fight the opposing realm.  It felt so real and it was the most fun game I have ever had.  Until the top level, level 40 where once you reached it, the game didnt work properly and all the online players were leaving in huge numbers.  Such a pity, I would have played that bad boy for years.  I played as the Bright Wizard. The photo you can see was me :-)

But this one comes in at number one with ease. Everything was fantasy, but it felt so real.  The RvR and the PvP were fantastic.  I hope Mythic bring out something similar again that is as graphically awesome and works properly.

Hope you enjoyed my list and perhaps reflected on a few from your past too!  If you disagree with my list, make your own by telling your list via this link here.  Cheers!

- tork