Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Haven't Blogged In a While, Have I?

I haven't been around for a bit have I?

Yeah, I've been down with the flu, as well as a few other things going on in the extended family.  Seems having a baby doesn't give you much spare time.  Who would have thought?

To tell you the truth as well, I've started so many posts but just haven't finished them.  Dunno.  Just sometimes, any spare moment that you get as a parent, you are so tired and can't be bothered doing anything.  That dreaded wall.. blergh...

We all hit the wall and it's really hard to climb over.  Let's see if I can get over the top, as I've spent so much time so far on my blogs.  The Blog Plan is a passion to improve and teach, as well as my list of blog topics and this dad blog of mine.

I've also been waiting for a certain day to arrive.  A day where I can tell you some hopefully great news.

I also think if I ever give up blogging, then I'll never find myself completing a life goal of mine. A goal on my bucket list.

Writing. Other than blogging, I really want to write some stories.  I've so many stuck in this brain of mine.

Writers block is not something I get.  It's my use of time that often sets me back.

Also, my stat-watching on my blog isn't helping. Hard to stick out as a dad blog in this crazy world of ours hehehehe. I just want thousand of folks reading my bollocks on the screen, just like any other blogger. Must stop doing that.

So I'm sorry I haven't been around for a bit.  I'll do better.  Keep me on my toes about it :-) and stay tuned for my good news that I can't wait to tell you about!

- tork

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Remember To Give Her A Break

If you're a dad that works during the day, you probably already know it's hard to leave for work and say bye to your baby child every day.  I know it is.

I am a recently new father and I hate leaving for work to leave behind my wife and our little chap. You miss out on new things your kid does.  Little things like new noises, their first crawl or first step.  But don't just think about the things that you are missing, think about all the work your wife or partner is doing whilst you are away.

It's all good having a babysitter or day care service, but why not take a whole day off work?  Take a day and let your other half have a day to themselves! A happy wife is a happy life, plus you get a day spending with your kid, not letting any chance that you'll miss one of their firsts!

- tork

ps. Short but sweet post today, but thanks to asking how I am via my Twitter @Torkona3.  I've been feeling like crap beaten up lately, but yes I'm slowly getting there, and getting around to my neglected blog :-)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sometimes the Tooth Hurts

Oh yes. Ham and salad wrap my wife has made me for lunch. 

Mmm, too much mayonnaise.  Ahh well, I dont mind really.

Ooch!  My tooth... Aaaaaargh!  It hurties!

Man pain.  Us dudes seem to suffer from it.  Our wives will say "stop being a baby".  What? Sleep all day, cry when we don't get our way and poo ourselves?  Yeah, ok.  I'll stop that.

But seriously, my tooth freakin' hurts.  I take a break from work to have a lay on the grass.  Have a bit of a rest to wait until the throbbing stops.  Then, the sudden waft of dog crap smell.


It's ok, I am pretty sure I'm not laying in it (phew!)

But having my wisdom teeth taken out was a bitch.  I've been putting off going to the dentist for ages for this stupid tooth.  Now the time has come.  The tooth hurts and it probably needs to go.

I'm fearing the costs involved now.  Having a baby on one wage is not cheap.  Thinking about pimping out my services and get paid to write.  Hmmm...

Do you currently have stupid teeth that annoy you? Do you also have high powered, over the counter pain killers willing to give over? :-)

- tork

Thursday, October 6, 2011

When Baby Leaves Their Bassinet and Upgrades Rooms

We're going on around five months now with baby boy still sleeping in his bassinet in our bedroom.  He's yet to sleep at nights in his own cot.

He hasn't even used his own cot yet!  Maybe a couple of times during the day, but we really are taking our time before he's moved into the big boy room. His own room.

Why We're Taking Our Time

We're taking our time to move rooms with him basically because of his breathing problems.  We like being in closer reach at nights.  Well. My wife does at least.

"Can you check him too see if he's alright?"

"Can you get up and settle him?"

..boy do I regret sleeping on the side of the bed closest to the bassinet.

Anyway, the little tacker is getting too big now. Around the 8kg mark now, which is great. But it's getting time to cut the cord, pack his bags and send him out in this big world of ours.
That's what it's going to feel like, sending him far away. We'll be worried about whether he's sleeping on his face, we'll be worried about not hearing him crying. I'm also worried about how much sleep we'll get. Will he be restless in a new room? Will he sleep at all? I am dreading the half asleep/half awake zombie like walks we'll be doing down to his room to settle him. But, the time has come soon. He's got to go, even though he really isn't a trouble in our room. He's just too big to stay!

- tork

What were you like shifting your baby into their room?  How old were they?