Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why does my newborn have my receding hairline?

Just putting it out there, but why does my newborn baby have the exact same receding hairline as me? Am I the only father or parent who has noticed this?

After the first few hours with our son, the first thing I noticed was "Hey, he's got the same hairline as his dad!"

So my hair may or may not be starting to recede.  I'll be the first to point that out.  I'm not going totally bald, but it's starting to take that sophisticated old fella look.  But bubs has got plenty of hair, but the pattern of his hairline is exactly as if it were receding, and exactly like mine.

I just wanted to put it out there real quick to see if any one else has noticed their son (or even daughter) had the exact same hairline as their father when born.

So has your kids had the same freaky hair pattern as their freaky father?  Or am I the only freaky one around here? hehehehe

Interested to know!  Let's see how we go..

- tork