Tuesday, October 9, 2012

He's Not Heavy, He's my Son

Man... time sure does fly a wee bit.

My kid is closing in on the toddler age.  Freaky shit.  He's tall, he's talking, he's heavy!

Sure, he ain't the biggest kid his age, but sticking him atop of my shoulders sure as hell weighs me down!

I can't remember when my old man used to put me on his shoulders, I'm sure there were times he did.  I remember photos..  but I always have noticed other dads putting their kid on their shoulders.  I've always been, "yep, definitely looking forward to doing that one day".

Now that I can, shit... I don't know how people do it!  I haven't had the boy on my shoulders for at least 5-6 hours now, but my shoulders and neck are friggin' killing me.  It's a tough gig!  Maybe it gets easier the older they get and the less wiggle that is enforced due to the absolute excitement that is gained from sitting upon dad's shoulders.

The tallest view that anyone can ever get!

They do say that you can never get higher than sitting on dad's shoulders.

Well.. no one that spent an evening with Bob Marley could probably say that, but you know what I mean.

I do like the fact though that his mum is the place to go for the best hugs, but she doesn't get the shrills of joy that sitting on top of dad's noggin gives, where heights will never be reached again once the little fella discovers what Macca's means.

..give it a few more months and he'll be fatter *sighs*

Think I might need to do some old school wrestler training as per the great Batista.

Cos I ain't letting anything stop me have that boy upon my shoulders, even if he is a fatty :-)

- tork

fyi - maybe Batista shoulder muscles could be taking it too far. Boob Neck Tork is not a nickname I would look forward too hehehe!