Thursday, March 7, 2013

When do kids reach the Terrible Twos? Isn't it Two?

So, I'm sitting there minding my own business, then my wife says "I'm pregnant!".

Fast forward nine months and I become a dad.

Fast forward two years and my little boy hits the terrible twos.

..hang on a minute.. my boy isn't two yet!  We're not supposed to be dealing with constant tantrums and crying when he doesn't get his way yet!

Damn it!

Yep, the little cub has definitely hit the terrible twos early.  Banging on doors when I close them "I want to be on the other side mother fucker!".  At least, that's what I interpret his red in the face, horizontal running man tantrum to be.

"No! I don't want to read books at the moment!  I wan't to stand on top of the couch or put magnets in the microwave, you grown up shaved monkey!".  Again, that's me interpreting his screaming dance as if his feet we're on fire, marching up and down on the spot.

Ahhh he's not that bad.  My favourite game is letting him run away from me, then waiting for him to turn around to run back towards me.  He runs at full pace, screaming at the top of his voice with laughter and headbutts me for a cuddle.  Love those parts of my days.

But I can see him getting his tantrums on.  I can see him understanding more and more with every day he gets older and therefore knowing what mischief he can get up to.

But how old was your kid(s) when they had their terrible twos?  Got any hot tips for me for beating the tantrums?

- tork