Friday, August 1, 2014

Just Cuts Competition and Amusing Haircuts of the Past

I have been approached to tell you guys about a great competition running for a new campaign, and all you have to do is get a haircut!

So long as you get you haircut at a Just Cuts salon, then you can win a share of $5,000

But I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about some haircuts that should not exist.

Ladies, if your man friend has one of these haircuts, it's time to get your partner the incentive to change hair styles!  No better incentive than a share of a prize pool worth $5,000!

To the guys, seriously, if you have one of these haircuts, go take yourself to a Just Cuts as soon as possible! If not just for some self respect for yourself!

Here we go..

The Man Perm

Oh Tom Hanks, what did you do to yourself?

Why would you ever decide to run with the Man Perm?

Perms were for outrageous rock stars in the 80's and early 90's only. Unless you had a early movie role as a kitchen mop, then there was no need for the perm!

I can remember when I had my long hair a girl mentioned to me "You should get it permed! I think you'd look really nice", with the added wink wink.

I was tempted though.. Tempted to laugh at her!  But, she was a nice girl and I just said not for me.

Thank god I didn't do that though, otherwise I'd have a photo such as Tom Hanks to look back upon with utter cringe.

Men, if this is your current hair-do that you have done on purpose, I suggest an all over number 2 shave hahaha!

Epic Mullet

There is the Mullet and then there is this guy's haircut, the Epic Mullet.

Business at the front, party at the back.

This party at the back is no ordinary party though.  This is one of those parties that is thrown when you have your parents out of the house for a whole week.

One of those parties with hundreds of people at your house. People you've never met, swinging from chandeliers, roof diving into bushes at 3am.

This is the sort of party that even the cops can't stop.

No.  That is just too much partying.  It has to stop!

This sort of Epicness shall not be allowed! If this is you, get yourself your haircut. Remember that Just Cuts are encouraging you to get your haircut with their prize pool of $5,000.

Gawd, even the thin black tie is screaming party..  Nope! Must not encourage.. get a haircut Mullet owners.

The Bowl Cut

Oh. My. God. The Bowl Cut.

Nick Carter is here, proudly displaying the Bowl Cut, whilst blissfully unaware of his cringe worthiness.

If you are saying "No, not Nick Carter, he was my favourite".

That's right, he WAS your favourite.

The Backstreet Boys are long gone, as has the bowl cut.

The Bowl Cut should only be sported in the 90's.

Kids, if ever your mum or dad is cutting your hair and you see the bowl come out, rip it out of their hands before they can cut your hair around it!

The Bowl Cut is the scariest haircut of them all.

I once saw two kids and a mother walking down the street with the exact same Nick Carter haircut you can see here.

Yes!  The two boys and their mother! The exact same haircut!

I saw them when I was about 15. All they needed to do was glow their eyes in a Children of the Corn manner and I would have died in the street.

If you have a Bowl Cut (or even decide to use a bowl in the cutting of hair), stop being lazy!  Go to a salon!

Jeez.. hehehe

Anyway, what are your most funny haircuts from your childhood or recently? Would love to hear them.

Don't forget, check out the Just Cuts competition for your next haircut!

- tork