Sunday, June 5, 2011

Songs to Inspire - Song 18

Feeling unmotivated? Need inspiration? Need to be inspired?

Inspiration comes from within, you just sometimes need to be reminded - Torkona

Every Sunday I post a song to help you find your inspiration

Lisa Mitchell - Oh! Hark!

Love this girl.  She was a contestant on Australian Idol that (luckily) didn't win.  She's since picked up an Indie audience and the reasons are obvious.

She is fantastic.

This is perhaps not my favourite song of hers, but this one has been stuck in my head all morning.  I might give my fave of hers a run some time later, but this song is just so poetically beautiful.  Love it.

I hope it inspires you to put down pen to paper.

Or!  If you own a blog, write a poem and link it back here!

Well, here she is.  Enjoy!

- tork