Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother's Day Giveaway via Moonpig

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Mother's Day is coming up again and I have a giveaway for you!

Mother's day is when I am eternally grateful to my own mother and equally grateful to the mother of my child. But, I am very useless at finding ideas for a mother's day gift.

Not until Moonpig got in touch with me! They are based in Sydney and have personalised cards and personalised mugs for a great mother's day gift! So, of course I was keen on having a look at them!

I went on their site and started designing a mug. There are plenty to choose from in the mother's day category. I can add my own photo on the mug as well as my very own words. Really cool, until.. argh! I hit the backspace button! I lost all my stuff I was doing! That was annoying. I had to start again. Grr!

Looking back, if I had just hit the forward button on my browser, I'd have all my info again. Oh well, silly me. So I went again, added my own words and a picture of my son. I'm happy with the final product. Probably could have lightened the photo a bit with the site's editing tools though.

But, here it is! Nice and pretty and girly. The wife will love it.

On to building a card. Again, there are tons of personalised cards for mother's day. Soon enough I've picked my favourite to start personalising.

The site's online editing system is really good. You can pretty much change everything that you want! Make it as personal as you feel. Although, some of the fields on the card you can't leave blank. I wanted to leave the wife's name blank on the front. Felt like hand writing it for a further personal touch. Kind of strange anyone wanting to do that I guess, but it would be cool if it let you.

Anyway, I figured it out, added a few personal touches on the inside, as well as my witty "As good as the Crow's premierships" on the front top.  If that doesn't show gratitude, I don't know what does!

Here's how it turned out.

So overall, the site is great for kids or dads that want to give their special mum in their life something personal without taking too much effort, because we all know everyone is lazy compared to a mum (at least that's what I'm told on a daily basis hehehe).

Hope my wife likes it!

Overall the site is very clever and something I'd recommend to others that want a special, personalised card for a certain someone's special day.

The folks at Moonpig have kindly offered the chance for you to use their services for free!

Moonpig are giving away to one lucky winner a $25 credit on their website so that you can also send someone a personalised card.

Simple enter below. Good luck!

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