Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Port's John McCarthy Dies so Young

Without stating the obvious, it's sad when a person dies so young and so tragically.

It doesn't matter how the player's death happened, it's a very sad day to lose a friend, a child or a loved one.

It's had me worrying about my own son when he grows older.

I worry about losing control over what he does when he's older.
I worry about him putting himself in danger.
I just...worry

And he isn't even two yet!

I think back at some of the stupid, stupid things I did growing up.  Driving without headlights on at night.  Pulling snakies & doughnuts, laying on dark empty roads.

Some really, really stupid things to name a few.

I thought I was invincible..

..and I was.

Those days were really great days.  Carefree and stupid.

I hope the worry won't send me crazy when he's older.

I just hope we raise a wee lad that is smart enough to not do anything too stupid like I did, but still has a carefree childhood like his old man.

I feel for John's family, friends, all those at the Port Adelaide AFL club. I wish them all the best.

I hope my Crow footy boys wear a black arm band on the weekend as a mark of respect in a sad week.


- tork