Monday, September 3, 2012

Future Dad Thoughts

Man, my little boy is too young still.  I know I love this age, albeit the illnesses we currently are going through..

The coughing, the runny nose, the fever.. yeah, that's been fun the past week!

His walking around is so cute. His slowly improving speech is a wonder to watch.

But I just can't wait to do more fun stuff.  Like show him all the movies I grew up with.  Flicks like Labrynth, Never Ending Story, Back to the Future, Orgazmo...


Classics that I love.

I should stop it and enjoy the now.  I do miss him when I'm at work, although there are signs he exists all around my work area.  Finger painting artworks, photos.

I should enjoy the quietness of him being asleep when he should be and not and at age where back chatting.   exists. But I just can't wait for him to grow up more.

I can wait.  That other stuff will last for years.  His toddler days are fast approaching and I must soak in as much baby times as I can.

How much to you look forward to the future? How much do you soak in the present?  Be cool to hear from some Dads as well..

- tork