Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Target Helps Me with Home Decor

Ventured down to Target again as one of their brand ambassadors (even though I already am often a clothes buyer of Target apparel).

Target are currently in Home Fashion mode, with sales on home decor items such as kitchenware, bedding, towels and tableware.

*dad joke alert*

Why shouldn't you put pants on the table?

Because it likes to show off it's legs.

...back to the post...

So I managed to visit Target recently and I probably had one of my best trips there so far.  I try to visit a few different Target stores around Adelaide. But in the store, a staff person come up to me and said "Hello, how's it going?"

I answered with the usual, bland "good" and kept on walking, but it was pretty cool customer service. Big stores often help only at checkouts, but Target gave me a little extra today, which was nice.

Anyway, I've been bugging the wife about adding some hipster items to spruce up our home decor. Would love to have an old bicycle wheel hung on the wall turning with perpetual motion.  Unfortunately it isn't an easy find.

Found some other cool things anyway...


The wife is hopefully going to like this one.  I bought bedding.  First time ever, I bought a set of pillow cases and a quilt cover.  It's blue, ohh yeah, take that Interior Decorators, I rock.

..just hope I have got the right size!

Quilt cover set - $35

I also thought, an extra pillow would suit fantastically awesome betwixt the two pillows (fyi - i've been meaning to use betwixt in a sentence for years now. Yes! Don't judge me hehehe).  Something to break up the pattern for the extra touch of fancy. Clever aren't I?

This bedding item can also be chucked onto the couch as well, which will become especially handy when my wife's footy team is beating mine.

And with Target's Home decor sales on, the cushion's price is too good to pass.

Cushion - $18.50

Home Fashion

I suppose it's called Home Fashion, when you buy fancy tableware and kitchenware.  It's more Home comfort when you grab yourself fancy new towels.  But even though these were my first thoughts to spruce up the home a bit, I ended up grabbing some other things.

Artificial Plastic Plants.

Yep, my wife is a terrible gardener and kills everything.  I figure, fake plants equals her not killing them! Hahaha

The other reason is that indoor plants can be a pain. Had one in our bathroom.  After a shower, the bathroom would heat up a bit and there'd be a dirt kind of smell in the room.  Blergh..!

Target have loads of artificial plants to choose from, but with 40% off it makes it easier to grab some.  I bought three small ones to add that bit of greenery for the bathroom.

Mini Planters - $9

Lastly, I thought the bathroom could do with a bit more treatment, so these soap holders and toothbrush tumbler will come in handy.  Look very modern as well.

Soap Dish - $8
Soap Dispenser - $13
Tumbler - $10

Not a bad effort from this guy over here, hey ladies?  Bought my wife a nice top too for $4.

Better stop before the husbands out there start hating on me!

- tork