Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shannan Weight Loss Challenge - Week 1

Well, I am week one down in my weight loss challenge over at Shannan Ponton's 8 Week Challenge.  I am happy to say I've lost some weight!

Before I started the challenge I was 87kgs.  I lost 2kgs on my own, getting ready for the 8 week challenge and started at 85kgs at Day one.  Now, after one week I lost another 2kgs!

I am now 83kgs and feeling really good.  I kept a daily diary of all my days.  Here's what I wrote:

Day 1 - Hark! It's day one (fyi people should use the word hark more often).

Had a pretty good day and did try to look after myself, but the wife bought me lunch already for my day.  Pretty much the usual, a meat pie & a pastie.  Pastie went bye bye early morn and had the pie for lunch.  With my purse strings tightened from emergency surgery with my dog, couldn't afford to buy a second meal for today, so something I need to remind the wife about.

Cravings kicked in for a can of coke though.  It's just way too easy to access for me.  Twittered it though and Shannan said 'Get the diet one mate'.  Got a boiled lolly instead. High five!

Might've caved later in the day though for a Coke Zero, but it's the first day, so don't judge me :-)

Day 2 - Ok, perhaps not the best breakfast.  Well, no breakfast at all apart from a coffee.  I shouldn't do that, but I'm using the excuse "I just don't have the time".  So I should do something about that in future.  Baked beans & toast wouldn't take that long in the momring, so I should do better and get used to doing better.

For lunch though, holy crap I had me a salad.  Can't remember the last time I did that.  Wasn't too bad either, a Tuna and Tabouleh salad.  Sure, the taboueh could have been fresher, but it only cost me $2.45 which is wicked.  Got the shakes on a bit though, I can feel the hungry coming on again soon!

I also did this new thing called exercsie!  Filled in a social team and worked my guts out.  I now have a blister on my foot the size of a melon.  I call him Norman.

Day 3 - The wife bought me pie & pastie again for food today.  She's trying to look after me, but they're not the best meals.  Again, because I can't throw money/food down the drain, I'm munging away on them today.  Taste good though!

A mate took me down the local take away.  Couldn't help myself and I bought a crumbed sausage.  Tsk tsk tsk.  This keeping track of eating is hard. I thought about not adding it into my diary, but I hope the embarrassment helps me to not do it again.

Day 4 - I think my wife doesn't want me to lose weight, that I might get hit on like back in my young days (yeah right that used to happen).  She's bought me a pastie for lunch again, but at least she's also picked up a can of Tuna.  She's being really helpful and doing well on her own weight loss, but she's evil and tempting me with the bad hehehehe!

Day 5 - Was fantastic for brekky & lunch.  Ate well, exercised and just fought the cravings.  Come dinner though, a meal with the in-laws was Chinese take-away.  I couldn't offend and say no, so I just did my best and got what I thought would be ok.  There really isn't much to choose from at a Chinese take-away restaurant, so I just when for anything that wasn't battered.  Chicken Satay & a bit of fried rice.  Entering into the challenge diary i'm amazed at the 1000 calories it says!  Man.. sometimes you just have to take a hit every now and then.

Day 6 - Weekends are usually terrible.  Going out, eating bad, bored eating going on.  But I was really good if you ignore my bad breakfast and a tiny lunch.  Bacon, eggs, sausages, baked beans.. ohh, beautiful.  Filled me up for the day with just an apple for lunch.  Was all I felt like.  Haven't been following the exercise guidelines, but I have been fitting in what I can.  Playing til I sweat with the little boy is all I've done unfortunately.  So long as I match the recommended exercise time, it will hopefully be beneficial on the weigh in day!

So, looking forward to eating better and exercising better.  I have been eating so much better than I have, but I can do much much better still.  Looking forward to chatting with Shannan and team to kick my butt into action.

How has your weight loss gone this week?  Or have you attacked your scales with an axe?  :-)

- tork