Sunday, April 28, 2013

Shannan Weight Loss Challenge - Week 3

Weigh in day.. i've lost meself 1kg!

Ohh yeah, fat guy high five!

I'm 82kgs now, I'm feeling like I have a bit more health back.


I had a strong craving for a packet of chips down the shopping aisles today..

I walked out without buying anyway!

YEAH!!  ...boohooo... YEAH!!

*sob*  I do miss my packets of chips.  Looking at one of those Vegie Chips alternatives or Health Shop snacks, but they're ultra expensive.

Anyway, the Shannan Weight Loss Challenge has definitely changed my way of eating for the better.  Even if I walk away from the process not reaching my 75kgs goal, I'll still take with me a better idea of what is Ok to eat and what isn't.

Who would have thought a meat pie or pastie for breakfast isn't a good idea?  Wonders will never cease.

But seriously, lots learnt and still more to learn.

Let's talk a bit more about my experience with the Shannan Ponton site.  Overall, the big plus is the community.

You can get weight loss tips anywhere on the net, but you can't get the community that the Biggest Loser gets.  I'm not sure of the exact number of people doing the challenge, but on the Week 1 catch-up with Shannan, there was over 100 subscribers online at the same time just having a chat.  Brilliant.

There's an online Food Diary where you can select the foods you've eaten, keeping track of your calories and all that jazz. I have a few problems updating my Diary, with a few food items missing mainly due to my purchase of South Australian goods.  Be good to mention Balfours in the list of foods, but the whole idea is to not eat that sort of thing anyway.

My main issue is my Exercise Plan keeps changing to a lower one. I've sort of been fitting in my own version of exercise, but I'd like to see that issue fixed as I noticed it's happened to a few others.  Not hard for me to change to the Challenge Exercise Plan, but still a bit of a bug.

I also would like more options that doesn't involve fitness equipment.  I don't have all of the items, but I would like to participate better when I do follow the exercises.  I'm not talking about a Stepper or Treadmill, it's just the odd Fitness Rubber Band thing that comes in as a requirement.

Overall though, if you are looking for that extra push to change at least your eating habits, I recommend the challenge.  It's already changed my habits so it could work for you.

Still a bunch of weeks left for me to go though!  Lets see how close I can get to 75kgs!!

How's your weight loss going?

- tork

ps. hot tip, substituting weights for fat baby boys kills two birds with one stone.  Exercising & playing!