Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shannan Weight Loss Challenge - Finale plus Giveaway

I made it.  I didn't think I'd lose a few kilos on this challenge, but I did it.

Plus, in the final 8th week of the challenge, I lost another kilo!  Woot!

So, starting at 87 kgs one week before I started the challenge, I am now 81kgs.  Not at my goal, but still pretty good.

The best thing is, I want to keep going.  I don't feel like fast foods.  I don't feel like big bags of chips.

This is really good and I do owe it all to someone telling me what to eat and how to exercise and only through a computer!

The Shannan Ponton Weight Loss Challenge is really a good place to start for weight loss.  The online diary, the forums, the weekly chats, they are all a great help.

I definitely think though that the best thing to have is a personal trainer in real life.  These people are the real push if you are serious about losing the kilograms.  But for eating lessons, exercise lessons, give Shannan and his biggest loser club team a crack if you want a hand.  It's eight weeks of a good to use system that has set my eating habits up for years to come. Who would have thought, Milo is a good snack alertantive.  Milo!  Shit yes..

It's $99 for the next challenge that starts in a week for anyone that is interested.

But, how about I give you the chance to get help from Shannan Ponton and team for free?

Yep, thanks to The Biggest Loser Club, I am giving away a 3 month membership valued at $99 each.  This is in celebration of the recent Biggest Loser Finale.  Here's a spiel from the Biggest Loser team:

You can be a BIGGEST LOSER too

Robyn and Katie Dyke have been crowned the winners of The Biggest Loser 2013, Next Generation losing an astonishing 39kg and 47.6kg.

The mother daughter team were a relationship in crisis but their journey on the show was invaluable because the pair won another significant battle.

"We achieved what we set out to do weight-wise. But we’ve also done so much more. We’ve repaired a relationship that I thought was beyond repair," says Robyn.

Katie was unsure about going on The Biggest Loser show, but she made herself a promise to lose the weight, and keep it off for good to follow her dream of joining the military.

'As Shannan said to us, the more stuff you dump from your head, the more weight you’re going to dump from your body,' said Katie. 'That was a big thing for mum and me. We dropped so much emotional baggage throughout the series.'

If you want to start your transformation like Robyn and Katie then you can join The Biggest Loser Club, one of Australia’s leading online weight loss programs.

The Club provides all the weight loss tools and diet tips you need to achieve your goals, including an interactive food diary, delicious and easy to follow menu plans and easy-start workouts and exercise videos.

All sounds pretty good.  So what about, instead of giving away just one 3 month membership to the Biggest Loser Club, how about I give away three memberships!

Enough jibber-jabber from this now one chinned man.  The giveaway is below.  Have a shot with your entry and lose the few kilos that have been annoying you just like I did.

And good luck!

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Big thanks to Shannan & team for my six kilos weight loss.  I promise not to put it back on, even if KFC are bringing back Hot & Spicy Chicken... THE BASTARDS!

- tork