Sunday, May 26, 2013

Shannan Weight Loss Challenge - Week 7

Sitting here tonight and just watching a bit of Biggest Loser on the telly.

Ohh muh gawd. Commando took his shert awf.  He's soooo dreamy.


Err, yeah so anyway, the weight loss challenge is coming to a close.  This is the time that after two months you start becoming lazy with eating, lazy with excerise.  Yes I have gotten lazy with the eating, but not with my excersize.

I am still 82kgs.  Nothing lost but nothing gained.

I'm happy with my weight these days.  It's about not getting lazy though, now that I have lost 5 kilos through the Shannan Challenge.

It's about keeping on with the healthy eating and the excercising. This is the message that keeps popping in my inbox from the challenge. To keep on going.

Keep on being healthy!  Sure, I don't need to follow the really tricky calorie counting after the challenge finishes, I just need to keep the weight at a constant level now that I'm in my thirties.

It's too easy to be lazy.  It's handy having a wife to stop me being lazy.  She pokes my fat bits to remind me to stop being lazy!

If I poke her fat bits, it will help my excercise too!  The amount of running I would do from a wife running after me with a bat might just be the push I need.

Hmmm.. might go do that now for a few extra kgs sweated out.

If I don't make it out alive, tell my mum that it was my wife.. haha

One last week of the Shannan Challenge to go. Here's to sweating it up like a fat guy in a sauna this week!

- tork