Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wondershare Video Editor Review & Giveaway

Hi folks!  It's been a while, but I'm still kicking about the place!

I've been busy..  Look at what I made! (Go the crows)

What do you think? Great hey!  Unless you don't know anything about AFL or detest the magnificence of this young Crows player Patrick Dangerfield.

I was approached by the team that make Wondershare Video Editor to give a review of their software.  This video above is the result of my review of the program.

I've really wanted to start making YouTube videos and this program seems simple enough to do exactly that.  Please watch my video, hit like, favourite & subscribe to watch future videos that I will make!

Wondershare though have been kind enough to give you, my lucky readers, the chance to win 1 of 10 copies with free upgrades for life!

Here are a few details I found with the program:

  • Some really cool video effects to imported videos.
  • The ability to easily detach audio from video with one mouse click.
  • The whole simpleness about the program is really great for the amatuer user. 
  • On install, I didn't see anywhere that I could adjust the software install location on my hard drive.  When trying to exit the install, there is no cancel button, so I just hit the big 'X' to reload and try again.  When opening setup again, it just picks up from where it was up to in the install. Not cool.
  • Installs a new Video Player program without your approval. Wondershare Player.  Will add it's self to your taskbar, icon tray and make itself the preferred player on your computer. Not cool and very much acting like a spam ware program.
  • Not suitable for the advanced user, with font usage tricky and animation seems a bit limited.
Although it might act a bit spammy, you can relocate the install folder and install the media player afterwards. But it is something I hope the developers look into changing.

Overall though, if you are a blogger or video blogger or whatever, Wondershare Video Editor is a very cheap alternative to use.

If you like to give it a try, as mentioned before. Wondershare have wonderfully given all my readers the chance to win one of 10 copies of the Video Editor.  Competition is open 2 weeks worldwide.

Simply enter below and good luck!

Oh! And don't forget to visit my Patrick Dangerfield High Voltage Highlights video and hit the like button.