Monday, August 12, 2013

My Dad Jokes Book goes on sale!

Hi folks!

I just realised it is Father's day soon! (in Australia)

Wellity, I better make sure that BBQ of mine is ready for a roasting or a snag toasting.

Nothing better for a father's day than burnt meat and sport on the TV box machine!

But I'm getting ahead of myself, there is at least 3 weeks to go..


Crap! And you haven't got your dad or partner anything yet? Well, do I have an idea for you!

*insert amazingly fortunate product placement here*

I'm taking off 40% on The Very Best Dad Jokes eBook!

Thought I was overdue for a eBook sale.  So you can grab a copy of my illustraded Dad Jokes book for only $2.99! But this price won't be forever! Get in quick.

Ahh dad jokes.  The best of all the jokes there is!

Remember, I'm still donating $1 of every book sale to local children's charity.

Looking forward to my Father's day in a few weeks time.  Now my boy is a little bit older, I'm looking forward to that homemade toilet roll pencil holder for my desk.

Awesome :-)

- tork