Tuesday, October 22, 2013

5 Australian Thrill Rides You Must Try

This is a guest post from MyFun.com.au, where Australia's favourite theme parks, attractions and experiences come together under one banner.

Do you dream about hair-raising, stomach-dropping adventure, passing another nine to five wishing to be somewhere else more exciting, possibly plotting your escape early Friday morning or finally landing on Australian soil, without a kangaroo escort? Thrills are well within your grasp. If you’ve taken a few moments out of your busy life to explore the visual spoils of the Gold Coast, you are well situated to exploit the mecca of theme parks an hour above its borders – a short car trip or scenic bus ride will soon deliver you to the gates of summer fun, and to the teeth chattering experiences you’ve been craving.

The Superman Escape

Ride alongside Supes and save Movie World from certain disaster. Pulling out of the landing bay into a smoke filled chute will be the final peaceful moment you’ll have all day, as flashing lights and voiceovers build a sense of urgency and THWAK! You’re hurtling toward a vertical climb, punching the pedal from 0-100km in exactly two seconds. The twists, the turns and incisive loops will have you clutching at your chest support, as your body struggles to catch up with the G-Force corners and weightless drops. Don’t forget to breathe!

The Green Lantern Coaster

Though Ryan Reynolds has taken his leave of the man in the green suit (for now), his legacy lives on in the confines of an Australian wonder park. The Green Lantern Coaster is track of surprises and screams. Do you love steep, air-crushing dives? Us too. Strap into this coaster and prepare yourself for bone jarring corners at 66km/h, speedy climbs and the steepest drop in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Buzzsaw

Scary stories and terrifying rides are harmonious bedfellows, teasing the imaginations and sweaty palms of would-be thrill seekers as they line up, twisting through an abandoned woodshed. Hopping into a carriage, you’ll discover only a waist harness between you and a 46m climb; with nothing to cling to, how will you deal with 360 degree rolls, speeds of 105km/h and dangling with fingers tips free, chilling in the air before flipping over into a death drop? Rip it up.

The Claw

A velociraptor claw doesn’t sound particularly spine-tingling, unless Jurassic Park has come to life and you’re stuck in the cellar, trying to turn the lights on. Imagine though, you’re strapped into said claw, swinging nine storeys into the blue, rushing head-first against the sky at 75km/h. Has your stomach rebelled yet? No? Wait until it starts spinning. The Claw is the first pendulum thrill ride in Australia, making friends and frenemies in their droves; after all, who doesn’t love a collapsing floor and the delighted shrieks of less than courageous riders?

The Batwing Space Shot

The black bat is back and rearing to prevent disaster befalling Gotham once more; after battling Bane in the last instalment of the Dark Knight, Alfred has devised an ejection system, in case Bruce ever needs to shoot out of a pitted prison in a hurry. Secure your shoulders and nerves, you’ll need to be cool, calm and ready to pull 4.5G’s of pure inertia as you shoot 60m into the sky. It’s heart thumping and adrenaline crumping ride to the top with the Caped Crusader. Who would have thought the Australian Gold Coast held so many ways to lose your lunch or discover a dormant courage, all without lifting a finger?

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