Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Glimpse into My Father's Day

There was a time where I was wondering if I ever was going to be a dad.

When I was younger and single, I wondered if it would ever be.  When we were trying for a year to actually fall pregnant, I wondered if it would ever be.

Now that I am a Dad, there is nothing greater in this world.

Sure, some days are a struggle.  Just like the days when my son stopped breathing, or the day I was told that he might never be able to speak.  Those days stick out as the worst days ever.

Other days when he's screaming down the hallway, wanting to do something troublesome and not getting his way.  They drive you mental.

Or my son's obsession with doors.  God, drives us batty!

Days like Father's day are special though.  When you get a bit of recognition from friends and family.

I don't treat it different to any other day though.  I don't demand to do what I want to do, or get something special out of a hardware catalogue.

All I want for Father's day is be with my kid.  That's all, nothing else.  I don't want presents, I don't want quiet time.  Fire up the BBQ and let's do some together stuff and share the bond between Father and child.

The planning of cheeky deeds, such as throwing things at mummy whilst she plays stupid moblie phone apps.

*BWWOOFF!* take this Spiderman ball in the face Mummy!  Ah ha!

That's all I ever want, father-son time, because I am very lucky to just have my son and I appreciate it every single day.

Today, I cooked bacon & eggs for our breakfast. Had photos taken in stupid matching clothes.

Went to the playground and played until both our legs could take no more.  Got home and watched the footy.

Fed him his dinner and set him down in his bed.

What a great day!

Tomorrow will be no different though, just in limited time due to work.

So there you have it.  A glimpse of my Father's day and the future ones to come.

Happy Father's day to all.  May you enjoy your night by celebrating in the glorious night cap of adding chocolate to milk.


- tork