Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Five Ways To Entertain Children At Parties

This is a guest post from Modern Party, a South Australian owned company which prides itself on being your one stop party shop.

They say that goldfish have a thirty second attention span, many parents would say that their children are the same. Children certainly can be somewhat of a different species with their unmatched curiosity and constant hunger to be entertained. Nothing is more exciting for any child then getting together with their little friends for a party, the last thing you want if you are throwing the party is for all the little people to run wild because there is nothing for them to do. Avoid that disastrous scenario with these five ways to entertain children at parties.


Nothing blows the little mind of a child more than a magic show, you will even get the parents mesmerised. Thanks to the internet, you can jump on sites such as and check out some of the live entertainment they have available. This will certainly be one of the highlights of the party and they try to wrap their little minds around the performance.


Children are all about engagement. Along with providing entertainment for them, they always want to get their hands dirty. Consider setting up a huge sand pit to play in; if you would prefer them not to get sand everywhere, you could have a scavenger hunt set up around your home, be creative and think of some of your favourite childhood party games. You could even have a mini cooking contest to bring out the chef in them.


Have a theme for your child’s party. If your kid is an avid Spiderman fan, you may want to have all the kids dress up as their favourite superhero. If she loves the little mermaid, it looks like you will be having quite a few mermaids swimming about your party. Be sure to have a photographer for your event to make sure the memories are captured so you have some good material to embarrass your children on their wedding day! Photo booths are always great fun and very reasonable priced to hire from party companies.

Slumber Party/Camp Out

Nothing is more exciting as a child than the prospect of spending the night away from home. Bring out the little adventurer in them by having a campout with marshmallows under the stars. Or, pull together a collection of your child’s favourite movies for a slumber party with their best friends. Make sure you have enough popcorn and pizza to fill their stomachs for the all-nighter.

Dessert bar

Every single child has a sweet tooth the size of a dinosaur, and every single child deserves to have a sugar overload every once in a while. Grab a chocolate fountain, some strawberries and rice crispies to get them so excited they will be doing backflips. An ice cream machine is another great idea with all their favourite toppings set out for them to make their own sundaes.

So for you next Oompa Loompa gathering, be sure to include some of these great ideas to keep your children form chewing off their fingernails from boredom. The only problem you will have is that they will never want to leave!