Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An anxious wait, not long until baby is born

I am yet to start panicking.  We are weeks away from the birth of our first baby.

Baby's room is complete.

Wife is grumpy and I am simply taking it on the chin.  She's been through a lot.

The good news is, we've been told that we will reach a full term pregnancy.

Several weeks ago, being told that we were likely to be giving birth to a premature baby scared the smelly stuff out of us. Now to be told that there is no reason we can make full term is just amazing.

To think, our baby was in the 3rd percentile of amniotic fluid levels, now we sit slightly above average.  It is amazing what rest can do for you.

But now, I worry for every step my wife steps over, every slope she walks down.  Every time she yells my name out makes me wonder, "is it time?".

But I'm yet to start worrying.

I wonder what baby will look like.  I hope that everything will go smoothly.

I know we will be in good hands, but for now, we just wait.

And I deal with a grumpy wife that is over being pregnant, and I deal with the excitement of knowing we will soon be having a new born baby in our lives.

Can't wait to teach it how to play computer games...

- tork