Monday, July 18, 2011

Free Website Directory Launch - Review'd

Today I bring exciting news.  A project that I have been working on and looking forward to.

I have been looking at blogs for many months now.  A lot of different types and really enjoying a majority of them.

 I have been reading blog tips and putting out a few of my own.

One of the major fall points I have come to see is that there is no place to go to find a great list of different types of blogs.  Yes, I do enjoy reading people's favourites listed on their blogs, but i'd love to see blogs listed in categories.

So, I made my own site to do this, and it is officially being launched tonight, right now.

Review'd is a free website directory where you can add a url of your own website or blog.  It is a place where you can increase your Google ranking, search for blogs from a list of blog topics to find sites of your favourite things.  Well, it will be, with your help.

It needs user submitted sites, so simply submit your site and see the traffic roll in!  Be listed in categories based on your niche!  I can't wait to get a great list of all your blogs, but you have to visit the site and submit your info.

But why is it called Review'd?  That is because you and other internet folks can review each site submitted!  You can add a comment or you can hit Like, Retweet or the new Google +1 to Rank a site.  The more people that vote with their clicks, the higher a site will rank.

The best sites are displayed on the site, based on all these clicks.  So you can see some great sites that everyone else thinks is great too!

Enough talk from me :-)  Please visit Review'd and tell me what you think.

(God I hope I can get this thing working right)

Here goes nothing!

- tork