Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh boy, will you ever speak?

Imagine if your child will never be able to speak.  That is what my wife and I wonder every day.

This is the diagnosis given to us when our baby boy went to hospital with trouble breathing.  My boy has got vocal cord paralysis.

So, every noise my little lion cub makes is precious.  Every 'ooh'  every 'aah' and the laughs that he is slowly starting to work out are so fantastically awesome, that you can't imagine.  How does a baby make these noises without using his vocal cords?  That's the thing, they can't.

To make these sorts of noises, the vocal cords are in use.  Now, I am nowhere near a doctor, but with a bit of research, that is what I am lead to believe.  I am holding my breath until we speak to the specialists, but all signs point to 'an incorrect diagnosis'.

He makes so many noises, how can he NOT be using his vocal cords?  It's not just the crying, but the little giggles and that.. Man, I am hoping that it is a wrong diagnosis.

Bring on the specialists.  I'm still cautious, but I think you can see my confusion.

All I know is that this weekend, I am going to be making every stupid noise possible for as many giggles as possible.

- tork