Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Oxygen Test. Do We Finally Disconnect My Son?

My boy has had his oxygen test to see whether it is time to come off it or not.

My wife and I sat by his bedside throughout the night, with him attached to a device called an Oximetry machine.  This Oximetry device sounds daunting, but it is simply a electronic strap to his foot that measures his heart rate and oxygen levels in his blood.

So, we sat through the night, watching him sleep and recording any time he moves.  This is because movement affects readings. Whenever he moves, the number would drop and give a false reading, hence why we stayed up all night.

My wife took the first few hours whilst I slept. I had the second shift.

Time for my shift and I was dreading staying awake. I had our portable DVD player good to go and watched quality shows like Little Britain LIVE and then Zombie Strippers. Both fantastic films and highly recommended for other fathers.

Got through the night fine with one feed for baby and one large mug of coffee.  Ten hour test done, and he did really well.

Our next important day was our visit to his doctors regarding the test. We were both looking forward to getting him off his oxygen.



He is still on his oxygen.

Mother bleep.

He has, however, confirmed by the doctor, had a fantastic test and now looks and sounds like a normal baby!


He still is on his oxygen but at a rate of release that is more than half less of what it originally was. They're just taking baby steps, just in case.

Meanwhile, the wee whipper-snapper is doing fantastic.  All he wants to do is stand on your lap and roll over in his cot.  Not bad for under 5 months.

He did however turn over on his belly in his sleep.  Our latest and more normal problem to worry about! Hehehe.

Now we have hopefully just one more Oximetry test left and we can take the tubes off his face.

But until then we are doing a test that is more fun. Solids.

I love watching the expression he makes on his face whilst eating it. I think the scientific name for it is "What the fuck is THAT?"


- tork