Friday, September 23, 2011

They Grow Up So Fast

It's amazing.

Already my little tacker is on his belly, looking around, rolling around. Each day he looks different. Each day he laughs just that little harder.  Man, he is growing up so fast.

He's at a great age.  Old enough to react to you but not old enough to answer back.

And cute as hell.

But I am looking forward to so many more things.

I'm looking forward to showing him things that I didn't have growing up.  Movies like Star Wars (shown in the order god intended), The Matrix, Lord of the Rings.  Other things like online gaming, cars for toddlers, talking Alf doll (I really wanted one, eventually bought one for $1, but it didn't work :( hehehe).

This is a problem I've found though.  A lot of parents that can't wait until they grow up.  Yeah, I am one of them, but I also can't wait until I get home each day.  Can't wait until I get to do with him all the things he's doing now.
His latest tricks is to lay on his belly, lift his head and turn it to look at you behind him.

It's these little things that people sometimes forget.  It's great to look forward to things, but it's better enjoying him being a baby.


Lord knows he won't be this adorable for the rest of his life!

- tork