Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sometimes the Tooth Hurts

Oh yes. Ham and salad wrap my wife has made me for lunch. 

Mmm, too much mayonnaise.  Ahh well, I dont mind really.

Ooch!  My tooth... Aaaaaargh!  It hurties!

Man pain.  Us dudes seem to suffer from it.  Our wives will say "stop being a baby".  What? Sleep all day, cry when we don't get our way and poo ourselves?  Yeah, ok.  I'll stop that.

But seriously, my tooth freakin' hurts.  I take a break from work to have a lay on the grass.  Have a bit of a rest to wait until the throbbing stops.  Then, the sudden waft of dog crap smell.


It's ok, I am pretty sure I'm not laying in it (phew!)

But having my wisdom teeth taken out was a bitch.  I've been putting off going to the dentist for ages for this stupid tooth.  Now the time has come.  The tooth hurts and it probably needs to go.

I'm fearing the costs involved now.  Having a baby on one wage is not cheap.  Thinking about pimping out my services and get paid to write.  Hmmm...

Do you currently have stupid teeth that annoy you? Do you also have high powered, over the counter pain killers willing to give over? :-)

- tork