Sunday, October 23, 2011

Remember To Give Her A Break

If you're a dad that works during the day, you probably already know it's hard to leave for work and say bye to your baby child every day.  I know it is.

I am a recently new father and I hate leaving for work to leave behind my wife and our little chap. You miss out on new things your kid does.  Little things like new noises, their first crawl or first step.  But don't just think about the things that you are missing, think about all the work your wife or partner is doing whilst you are away.

It's all good having a babysitter or day care service, but why not take a whole day off work?  Take a day and let your other half have a day to themselves! A happy wife is a happy life, plus you get a day spending with your kid, not letting any chance that you'll miss one of their firsts!

- tork

ps. Short but sweet post today, but thanks to asking how I am via my Twitter @Torkona3.  I've been feeling like crap beaten up lately, but yes I'm slowly getting there, and getting around to my neglected blog :-)