Thursday, October 6, 2011

When Baby Leaves Their Bassinet and Upgrades Rooms

We're going on around five months now with baby boy still sleeping in his bassinet in our bedroom.  He's yet to sleep at nights in his own cot.

He hasn't even used his own cot yet!  Maybe a couple of times during the day, but we really are taking our time before he's moved into the big boy room. His own room.

Why We're Taking Our Time

We're taking our time to move rooms with him basically because of his breathing problems.  We like being in closer reach at nights.  Well. My wife does at least.

"Can you check him too see if he's alright?"

"Can you get up and settle him?"

..boy do I regret sleeping on the side of the bed closest to the bassinet.

Anyway, the little tacker is getting too big now. Around the 8kg mark now, which is great. But it's getting time to cut the cord, pack his bags and send him out in this big world of ours.
That's what it's going to feel like, sending him far away. We'll be worried about whether he's sleeping on his face, we'll be worried about not hearing him crying. I'm also worried about how much sleep we'll get. Will he be restless in a new room? Will he sleep at all? I am dreading the half asleep/half awake zombie like walks we'll be doing down to his room to settle him. But, the time has come soon. He's got to go, even though he really isn't a trouble in our room. He's just too big to stay!

- tork

What were you like shifting your baby into their room?  How old were they?