Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Questions From My Wife

Questions From My Wife is a series on this dad blog to give moms/mums a perspective on what their husbands actually think, answering those annoying questions that every wife wants to know.

Q. Why Don't I Do Anything?

A. Anything?  That would mean I would be dead, wouldn't it? Breathing is something, so I do do something (hehehehe doo-doo).

If you mean, why don't I clean more, I do clean!  I clean up the food off my plate after I cook for the both of us. And, err, ooh, the outside.  I clean up outside.

Yes yes, I'm not a big cleaner.  You remember the state of my batchelor pad, don't you?  I think I've come a long way from there!  Building Mt Everest out of plates and cutlery is a thing of the past.

The weekend gives me more time in the day to do things.  I don't want to clean at night! Coming home from work is time spent for me to play with the little boy, as well as rock him to sleep.  So give me the weekends for the odd clean up.

House looks great as it is anyway.  You do a good job considering our boy is starting to crawl and teethe!