Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bad Blogger Step 7 & 8: Write and Never Look Back

Welcome to a double special of Steps 7 & 8 in my I'm a Bad Blogger series. You can find my original bad blogger post here.

These two steps are the same thing.  Stupid hey...  Ohh well, let's have me some fun with this.

7. Don't edit & 8. Don’t even profreed

Here's a good test for you.  Write something and never look back.

Don't edit as you go along.  Don't poofread, or profreed or whatever that silly little blogger man said.  Write whatever comes to your mind.

I can remember days where I would just open a notebook, take out a pen and just write away.  Sure, i'd re-read and cross things out I didn't like, but this day and age, no one writes any more, they type.

You lose all that crappy stuff you wrote with a simple backspace key press, or a hightlight + delete key.

Blah!  I like looking back and thinking, "Gah.. what a weirdo".. It's cool to see your train of thought.  Cool to see how you get to where you are, or so to speak.

Ever seen a book that was ever not edited? No.

Ever seen an article that wasn't edited? No... unless you're reading on of them fan-dangled newspaper thingo's that often emit tripe by the bucket loads to fill the pages between the adverts!

Reading as the person is thinking might seem fresh.  It gives you that insight, that non-edited insight.

Fresh. That's what blogging is you know.  It's all about people writing that aren't writers.  People expressing themselves in ways they have often dreamt about for a long time.

Expressing themselves even without anyone knowing who they really are.  An online diary of stories of sorts.

Oooh!  It's thundering tonight.  Ain't thunder brilliant?  A bellow from the sky to remind you that you are just a small freckle on a bigger, earth shaped freckle.

But I do digress because I wan't to give you a wee bit of an insight i to how my cogs turn when an idea of sorts pops into my noggin.  I give you..

The Shrinking of the Human Race

So I was thinking.. yes I know, I've gone on a completely different tangent, I know...

Yeah, so I was thinking, the human species.  You know, us..  Are we all getting smaller and smaller?  I know that I've always wanted girlfriends that were slightly shorter than me.  Yes, terrible I know, what taller women have to go through as they also would prefer a guy to be taller than them (so I'm told).

Anyway, I know it's a complex, but I'm certain a large majority of males think this way, and vice versa that women prefer someone taller than themselves.  Correct me if I am wrong, by the way..

Taking this large majority of cases that the man is taller than the women, that these couples have children.  A majority of these children are going to be of a height somewhere between their mother and father.  It's biology people! I know, because I passed it in my last year of schooling, so therefore it makes me an expert :-)

So the majority of children are going to be shorter than the father, albeit not by very much, but still shorter.

Take this over many generations. Progressively, people will become shorter and shorter.  Am I wrong about this? Is our average height changing as we turn into those little green men over the centuries?

You might say, our ancestors from millions of years ago we're basically the same height though.  But our ancestors didn't have the social stigma that there is today of men in a relationship with a taller women (or vice versa).  Again, it's not right.  And sure, it's not the majority of cases.  But, you think of your friends and family and determine how many times the male is shorter than the woman. Not too many?  Love to hear from you.

Anyway, I say, if you're single guys, find yourself an Amazon.  A beauty of taller than you proportions and love her until the sun rises. It's not something that I really see happening though unfortunately.

Any tall girls like a shorty guy? Hmmm... We're destined to become little green creatures aren't we....

So I got the "how we all become shorter" premise down, I just don't understand how we become green with big, bugs eyes.

If I start to write about that now though, you'd start to wonder how I managed to procreate a child of my own!

Procreate.. is that the right word?  Ahh well, can't edit, can't proofread!  At least I tried my best to not make any spelling mistakes *cross fingers*

Hope all that makes sense! Yep... I'm a weird one...

- tork

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