Thursday, June 7, 2012

Man Guide: Shopping for Women's Clothes

Men.  Need to buy women's clothes? Then this is the how to you need to read!

No, I'm not talking about wearing them yourselves.  I'm talking about how a guy buys clothes for his wife as a gift.  Come on.. You didn't think I'm a cross-dresser did you? Married men just wear their wives clothes, we dont buy them!


So, your wife, girlfriend, sister might be having a birthday, or it's a mother's day gift or you've just been too late home after drinkies and you need a "I'm sorry" present.  Here is how you shop for women's clothes to avoid the embarrassment of actually doing it!

1. Strut, like you're king shit

It won't matter where you shop for a clothing gift. It won't make it convenient for you if you're driving across town to avoid being noticed. You just need to shop like you are the bees knees, like you don't care you are shopping for lady clothes.  This will give you confidence to get out there and confidence when asking for help, because you will need to.

2. Focus

Think of at least one, maybe two items that your gal pal would like. Keep that in the front of your mind. I don't need to tell you guys this, as the male species is a hunter and goes straight for the "kill". But, going into a store not knowing whether to buy a shirt or pants will only lead to frustrations and crying in a little ball in the corner.

3. Look, then ask

Can't find what you need in 10 seconds? (Yes girls, 10 seconds) Then head straight to a shop assistant and ask for help, remembering points one and two with phrases such as "I'm looking for x for my wife", immediately avoiding confusion that you enjoy wearing bras and pretending you are a hairy Mariah Carey....  I've never done that, I swear.

Asking as soon as possible will help you find what you want quickly and efficiently and see you out the door with the item you want (if you find it and can afford it).

4. Don't give up

Didn't find anything suitable in the store? Don't give up.  Keep in mind the next store you go to will more than likely have another one of those nice young shop assistants to talk to. Use it as your incentive until you find what you are after.

5. Repeat steps 1-4

6. Ok, give up.

You've done at least three stores? Well, you've tried your male hardest. Ask the shop assistant of the third store for a voucher. Congratulations, your work is complete!

Your gift buying awaits you men!

Good luck and God's speed.

- tork

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