Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Idea

Searching for an idea for Dad this Father's Day?

Sock and jocks are great, but what about if Dad wants to cut stuff?

The Dremel Saw-Max is a nifty little gadget that I am so thankful to have in my grubby paws.  This thing can cut through bricks god damn it!

Thanks to Dremel I get to review this for you.  The hand held saw is great.  I'm thinking about all the little projects I can create with it.

I'm also looking around the house for things that I can just cut up for fun!  I think I will have to wait though.  I'm planning on building a table once my little boy is older.  A project that we can both do together and use for life.

But the drill looks so easy to use.  Previously I've used bench top saws that are so dangerous and massive.  This one can simply take it's place back in the tool box after use!

It features:

  • Powerful 6 amp motor – easily tackles the toughest applications
  • Versatile Cutting System – for cutting a variety of materials including wood, plastic, metal, tile and masonry
  • Worm Drive™ gearing – for durability and power
  • Excellent line of sight for precise, confident cuts
  • Depth guide for precise plunge cuts
  • Lock-on button for comfort during extended use
  • On board dust extraction port to maintain a clean workplace
I just think it looks dead sexy.  Have a look at it in action.

If I was a Dad with a hobby project in mind, I'd love to see this land on my lap for Father's day.  So if it's last minute gift ideas for dad that you need, consider one of these!

Visit Dremel on Facebook or the Dremel Australia website.

- tork