Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas with a Toddler - Keeping Away from the Tree

Oh god, I just realised that my little one is going to be a terror this year. Not because he is older or steadily reaching the terrible two's, but because he is getting into absolutely everything.




Toilets.. (don't ask)

Everything must be investigated and tested just in case it might be ice cream.

I've realised it is going to be impossible having a Christmas tree up this year. With the Christmas pageant now finished, tradition says the tree's gotta go up too.

It's just a plastic one that we've always had. Last year it sat atop a table out of harms way to a crawling child. This year there is no way it wont be left alone.

It will become the greatest play thing this kid has yet to see.

With a child that is cheeky as hell and without the understanding of the word 'No', it is going to be tasted and pulled faster than you can say "don't touch that or it's reindeer for dinner!".

I asked the wife "What are we doing with the Christmas tree this year? How are we going to keep the young fella away from it?"

She said leave it in the box.  Smart thinking that wife of mine...

Any suggestions? How are you keeping a toddler out of the tree this year?

- tork