Tuesday, November 27, 2012

9 Ideas of What To Get Your Husband for Christmas

I'm always getting presents that my wife has the right intentions for, but I'm really not after. What does a husband actually want for Xmas? What should you buy them? Well, being a husband, I'll give you some hot tips.

1. Out Cards

These are things I wish I had. They work similar to soccer, when a player is shown a red card that person must immediately stop playing and leave the field. I'd love to have a card I could whip out that gives me an "out". An immediate end to an argument when the out card is shown, or a non-requirement of having to go to that thing she likes. What a great idea! Your husband will love you. It's the ultimate gift for your husband. You can give one out card or many. Totally up to you. These things don't actually exist, so mock one up on a nice bit of red cardboard. That's the way, you know you want to.

2. Event Tickets

Buy 2 tickets for him and his best mate to a game of his favourite sporting team. Local games would be the cheapest. Not a sporting fan? Maybe he'll like tickets to the next biggest band that is coming to town. Check through his music collection to confirm he's actually into the touring band you're buying tickets to. (If you buy him tickets to Aqua, I will not be liable to your stupidity)

3. Entertainment Book

These entertainment books exist to purchase from various locations. I understand they would differ in other countries or locations, but they should still exist in some format. They are a book full of vouchers for various different things, from Restaurants to Sporting Venues to Hotel stays. Every husband is a cheap ass and a book full of vouchers for all his favourite things is a great idea.

4. Socks and Jocks

The staple diet for Christmas presents is underwear and socks. Even though every guy goes, 'ergh, socks and jocks' they will be thankful when piling through the underwear draw in their time of need. I know I've sat there on many occasions swearing at my holy socks, only to find an unopened pack waiting to be loved. The wife is often thanked for coming to the rescue.

5. Lawn Fertiliser

What man doesn't love his lawn? To stare endlessly at his beautiful section of planet that he owns and has grown himself gives fuel towards his testosterone and makes him the man he is today. Giving fuel for said lawn will keep him happy until the sun goes down (because it's dark and he can't see his lawn no more). Ok, maybe it's just me that is a lawn fan, but it's something I need right now to keep my grass green in the Aussie heat, so I'm sure there's other husbands out there worried just like me!

6. Watch

Watches are a great idea for the guys.  Not only does it bring some sophistication to your husband man, but it also helps remind him how long he's been down the pub.  An important accessory to hold for any man to come home on time to that lovely wife of his (good save Tork..).

7. Imported Beer

Nothing is cooler for a guy than to babble onto his mates about how good his fancy beer is, especially if it's imported from overseas.  German beers are highly regarded worldwide.  Get something real fancy.  If you can pronounce the beer easily, perhaps not fancy enough.  Speak to your local alcohol vendor about their best imports and your husband will love you for it.

8. Chocolates, Nuts, Chocolate Covered Nuts

Choccies have long been thought as the favourite for the ladies.  This is quickly becoming a mis-conception.  I recently bought the father-in-law a bag of chocolate covered nuts and he said "Two great things combined! Thanks!". I couldn't agree more.  This gift is especially good because it can be given to husbands of any age.

Plus, any leftovers can be an opportune time for a wife to step in and hoover some down.  The gift that keeps on giving.

9. Breast Implants

Just kiddin' :-)

What gift ideas do you have for your husband?  What love to hear your ideas!

- tork