Friday, November 2, 2012

Melbourne Cup Winning Formula System - How To Not Lose Your Bet

If you're like me and sick of losing your Melbourne Cup bets each and every year, you want to find that bet to win you big on the biggest horse race that stops a nation. I've got the winning formula system so that you will not lose this year!

Here's what you do.

1. Take $50. Yep, lets go hard here people, you can do it! Put the $50 to the side for now on the table infront of you for incentive for the big prize.

2. Take out the betting slip with your favourite pen or pencil handy. You'll have to nominate on it that you are betting for the Melbourne Cup at Flemington.

3. There's usually 24 horses (pending any scratchings), so 24 is our number of horses to choose from at the maximum. We're going to pick 4 horses in this step as a First4 bet. This can with you hundreds of thousands if an outsider gets in. Here we go!

First: the day you were born. If it's the 25th or more, add the two numbers together and that's your horse.

Second: Add up all the jewellery items you are wearing right now. Include watches and glasses on this one. If it's the same number as the first, simply add one.  If it's zero, put something pretty on.. for god's sake! hehehe

Third: Take all the numbers in your license plate and add them together until your number is 24 or lower. If the number you get is the same as any of your first two, keep minusing by one until you get a new number. If you reach number 1 and it's still not unique, got to 24 and keep minusing one. I got you covered!

Fourth: Hold your breath. Something you'll be doing just before the start of the race. Time how long in seconds you can hold your breath for. Take the seconds as the number of the fourth horse. For 25 or higher, add the two numbers together for the horse number. Keep adding 1 to the number until you get one that isn't the first three. If you reach 24, go to 1 and keep adding until you get a new number.  Phew!

4. By now you have the first four horses that will make it past the post. Aren't you clever!  You can box them to increase your chances of winning.

5. Fill out your betting slip for all your horses you have chosen.

6. Here is the special part.  Hold the ticket firmly using both hands using only your index finger and thumb, as if you were pinching the ticket.  This is known as the "Tork Good Luck Special Pinch".  Works every time.

7. Hold the
 ticket above your head, still with a firm pinch.  Take one hand and pull it down quick ripping the betting slip in half, making it useless!

8. Oh no! Now you have a ripped up ticket!  But look down on the table and see a $50 note sitting there. 

Congratulations, you have just found the Melbourne Cup system that will never lose your bet!!

Works every time..

Good luck!

- tork