Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's So Religious

I'm the first to say, religious people are nuts.

It's a blanket statement, where obviously not everyone is nuts, but I'm just seeing it more and more.

(..yeah, this is going to be an off the cuff Shrove Tuesday post here people hehehe)

Recently I caught 19 Kids and Counting. Here's a show about a family of 19 kids with the same mother and father.  Devoutly religious.  Kid after kid after kid.  They're doing what God wants them to. To create perfect kid after perfect kid.

In the last show I watched, the mother was asked "What advice would you give people who are struggling to have a child?".  Her answer was "Pray and God will answer".


As a father who took a year to knock up his wife, the answer is actually "keep banging", you stupid over populater, you!

I mean, come on...

Take religion as a great method to teach your children values in life & society.  To love thy neighbour, to love thy brother, to love thy parents.

Don't take religion beyond stupidity from we know today of what is actual truth.

The Pope's had enough today too.  And in my Shrove Tuesday post "special", here is perhaps my best tweet you may ever see.

rant out.

- tork