Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentines Day Gift Idea

Eeep!  It's Valentines day coming up.  I never know what to do for Valentines day.  There's too much pressure!  ARGH!

That wife of mine always reckons that I don't do a very good job with it.  I can't see why she'd think that..

I like to celebrate by going out on either the day before or the day after for Valentines day.  There aren't as many people out that way.  Plus, it is so much easier to get a seat at a fancy restaurant.

Nup.. That always gets me in trouble.  I don't see a difference.  Less people, less madness..

..less romantic?  Perhaps?

Bah! My romantic side doesn't get noticed very well these days.  I bought my wife a plastic rose one year.  I said "it represents your beauty, everlasting".  Sweet, isnt it? she came back with "What? Plastic, cheap and fake?".  Yeah, very funny wife!

I'd love to get her some Valentine's day roses though. They really are the epitome of Valentines day and the folks at Roses Only bring flower delivery straight to your door.

Not anywhere near as expensive as I thought it would be either!  From $59.95 for roses on Valentines day doesn't sound too bad. Plus it looks like there's free delivery for roses sent on the 13th of Feb.

Hmmm.. or perhaps I should be dropping subtle hints for something that I would like?  Roses Only has an 18yo Chivas Regal offer too that sounds like the perfect little Valentines day gift.

*insert evil laugh here*

Ahhh, one can dream..

But real flowers this year sound like something that every guy should be doing.  Hey, it's the best bet to get out of the dog house!

So ladies, perhaps subtly hit the Facebook 'Like' button to give you partner the hint.. hahaha.

And perhaps think about that nice bottle of scotch to treat your man friend as well.

I once got a hammer wrapped in a bow for Valentines day.. yeah, probably deserved that after my awesome fake flower routine. Here's hoping we BOTH get great v-tines day gifts!


- tork

Vouchers were received in exchange for my time and blog space with thanks to Roses Only. All opinions are my own.