Friday, August 16, 2013

Hairy Lemon Review & Giveaway

Being a parent can be tough, but it's the most rewarding thing I think there can ever be.

You do give up a few things though.  One of them is sleep.  Long gone are the weekend naps where I can sleep in on a Sunday or even take a kip on the couch on a lazy, wet afternoon.

I do look forward to arvo naps when my boy is older and doesn't want to bounce off the walls anymore!

It was kind of good timing (because I have been over worked lately) when I was contacted by the folks at Hairy Lemon with an offer to help to optimise energy levels, and aid in the recovery process.

Recovery process? There's no time in the day for a Dad to recover!  As much as my wife would say I do nothing, spare time is rare when you have to work hard to pay for baby clothes, baby food and wife's shoe addiction *sigh*

Optimising energy levels though.  That sounds good!  A bit of extra zing in the morning will surely help zombie Tork turn into non-zombie Tork.

I decided to give the Hairy Lemon product review a crack. Sounded right up my alley.  Often I find myself doing computer things past midnight & up at 5.30am.  Stupid I know.  At least I don't do it every night. But I often need my beloved coffee.

I decided to replace my morning coffee with this drink.  It's one of those tablets that you drop in a glass of water and it dissolves infront of your eyes.  I love that sort of thing. So cool haha!

I was a bit concerned about the Guarana in it. I know that some energy drinks get the old heart racing with me a bit too much, but this Hairy Lemon drink wasn't doing that.  After finishing off the drink, I did feel all right.  It didn't take me too long to get the coffee withdrawals though, but that's just a terrible (delightful) addiction I'm not yet ready to kick.

I did try the Hairy Lemon concoction another night though.  It was getting late.  I was watching a DVD and falling asleep as I was watching it. I thought, let's see if this will help me push to the end of the movie!

Worked a treat and about an hour and a half later I had finished the DVD and snoring my face off.

So overall, it gave me a cool little refresher for a couple of hours.  It also scared the shit out of me though.  Fluro yellow piss!  hahaha!  So just make sure you keep yourself hydrated during the day folks because it can go right through ya!

So, it's packed full of good stuff, such as B-Group vitamins, Vitamin C plus the Guarana as well as Ginseng to help you recover from the big days & nights.  Will have to test it out the night after a few wines!

But here is the good news for you readers out there.  As part of the review, Hairy Lemon have decided to offer some fantastic Hairy Lemon Energy Packs to give away!  I have two of these packs to give away.

The packs include the Hairy Lemon Effervescent tablets along with some other recovery essentials (sunnies, headphones, lip balm, & carry bag). The Packs are valued at $50.

Enter below to win yourself one of the packs.  Alternatively, you can purchase the tablets from Coles, Woolworths and selected pharmacies nationally (in Australia only). Find out more from the Hairy Lemon website.

Good luck to all that enter!

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- tork