Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Biggest Loser Husband Wife Weight Loss Off - Week 3

Another week down and it's an "oops" week.  Yeah, I've put on 0.5kgs and the wife is keeping hush hush on her weight loss.

Christmas parties! Worst ideas when trying to lose weight.  Good times though, great times!

I do have good news for you though.  It's giveaway time!!

The folks at The Biggest Loser Club are kindly offering all you lovely readers out there the chance to win a 3 month membership to the Biggest Loser Club.

I have got two of them to give away!  Enter below:

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But let's talk about more on the weight loss scene.  I knew it was coming, the weight gain.  There was less exercise done this week.  Seems it's usually a pattern for me after a two week consecutive weight loss result.

I get a bit cocky perhaps, showing how it easy it is and just do a bit less exercise. I sweated it out Saturday though, running after the wee lad, kicking footy with mates.

I sweated more than Kevin Pietersen, facing his home media after losing the first Ashes Test.

(that's a lot of sweating!)

If I didn't put a big effort in on Saturday, it probably would have been worse.

My wife on the other hand has been eating better then me, but just feeling a bit crook over the week. Poor thing! Kind of doesn't help exercise wise.

Excuses excuses though.  I shouldn't have excuses!

The Biggest Loser Club is all set up to avoid this sort of weight gain, albeit very small.  They give you weekly recipes and on top of that, a shopping list of all the ingredients required.  Makes it really easy if you're able to abide by their suggested meals.

Inserting a big kick up the arse this week.  I promise to lose a bunch of kgs.  Tweet me and Facebook me to make sure I don't slip up! (and good luck if you are entering the giveaway)

How's your weight looking after your Christmas parties?  Do you have issues denying a plate of lamb on the spit like I did? Or is there another Christmas goody that has you beat?

Love to hear about it!

- tork