Friday, December 27, 2013

Data is important! How to recover lost files

There are two types of people in this world. People who have lost information and people who are about to lose information.

This statement could not be truer!

It's most important as a parent.  I've spoken about it before, that the last thing you want is to lose are your children's baby photos. With everything digital these days, data in the form of all your photos can be so easily lost!

It's the best idea to have backup external hard drives and also backups of those!  Seriously.. that's what I do!

But there are also some pretty cool software out there that are very useful.

I was contacted by the folks at to review their software! ReclaiMe File Recovery can undelete a single file or multiple files, unformat a hard drive (internal and external, desktop and laptop) or a memory card, plus more.

I whacked the program on the computer and the install looks fantastically professional.  This is one thing I often worry about, when the installer tries to install other programs or doesn't allow you to change the install location.  If it tries these things, it's often buggy or malware, but this software looks really good.

My problem is though, to truly test it, I'd need a hard drive to unformat!  Tempted to get an old laptop out and have a go, but *sigh* too much effort (fyi - I hate the god damn laptop, hence why I can't be bothered with it!).

I gave it a go in little, smaller methods, looks really simple and easy to use! But I can also let you know of a wicked review I found on the big boy website Cnet's

"Saved me losing 15tb of data!"

Are you kidding me?  I don't understand how anyone can lose that amount of data and then also be able to easily recover it!

To put that amount of info into perspective for you guys, 15tb of data would be equal to approx 150 million half an hour YouTube videos..  at a quick maths check.  My calculator couldn't take the amount of numbers! hehehe.

My only downfall isn't anything to do with the software.  The website could look a bit flashier and less use of complex syntax for the dull minded like myself.

Very happy though to have a bit of software like this, just in case I do happen to lose those important baby photos and videos somehow.

So give it a look guys.  Grab yourself a just in case copy for the day that you might need it too!

Visit for a free to try version.

- tork