Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Biggest Loser Husband Wife Weight Loss Off - Week 5

Read my previous post where you can enter to win a Biggest Loser Club 3 month membership.

Cha-ching! Lost 1kg this week.  Thank god for that.

After the last week's poor result, I'm glad there is a loss to put down in the online diary.

Had some great encouragement too from you lovely readers, including this great one from Jeff:

Really glad I can inspire others! 14 kgs is mental!  Well done Jeff you brilliant bastard and thanks for the encouragement.

I am only 2 kgs down after 5 weeks with one more to go.  The Biggest Loser Club definitely helps to set you up for your goals.  If you follow everything they say, you honestly can't go wrong.

Little bit dissappointing. My weight loss would be much better if I followed their exercise tips.  I run around, playing with my boy with play & exercise all rolled into one. Even though running around playing chasey in constant circles helps, it doesn't compare to things that my wife does.

She has a personal trainer, gym membership and will power to prevent inserting chocolates into her face. She herself has been doing the Biggest Loser tips and is another 1 kg down this week.

Doing so very well!

Unbelievably well because I think that now makes her about 22kgs down overall!

She's definitely beating me on this challenge.  I think I need to lose about two kilos this week just to catch up on her.  Tough, but not impossible!

On my bike riding more methinks, as I have a fair bit of chasing to do!  One more week left, so wish me luck.

If you are thinking about heading towards your own weight loss, give yourself a Christmas gift early and check out The Biggest Loser Club. They really help to do the job.