Tuesday, January 28, 2014

3 Home Renovation Tips on a Budget

This is a guest post from Coral Homes, one of the largest, most respected home builders in Australia, with a vast building area and display home network spanning across much of Queensland and New South Wales.

When most people think of home renovations they think in terms of a big budget. Renovations have a reputation for being expensive and for running over budget. This is often a deterrent for homeowners who would like to make some changes. There are ways to renovate your home on a shoestring budget. It may take a little more research, imagination and elbow grease, but it can definitely be done.

It’s All Relative

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Many people would like to buy a bigger home or perhaps one with an extra bedroom, a larger kitchen or a bigger deck for entertaining. Selling your existing home and buying a new one will cost lots of money in terms of real estate agent’s fees, property tax and legal fees. It may be a cheaper option to renovate your existing home. You will need to make sure you do not overcapitalise on your investment though, which simply means beware of spending more on your home than you can recoup at a sale.


Begin by doing your research. Check out builder’s websites for design ideas and also pricing. It’s also a good idea to look at the costs of building a new home at www.coralhomes.com.au/ so you can be sure you are not spending too much on renovations if buying a new one won’t cost you much more.

Cheap Kitchen Renovations

One of the most common areas that homeowners want to renovate is the kitchen. Growing families and out of date or poorly designed original kitchens are given as the main reason for renovation. Putting in a new kitchen can be very expensive. Is it possible to refurbish your existing kitchen? Perhaps your cupboards and bench tops are still in good order, they just need to be freshly laminated or painted. You can even paint dated splashbacks these days with a product called Tub and Tile paint. So if your splashback is a little retro, you can give it a modern look without the expense of replacing it.

Bedroom Makeovers on a Shoestring

Bedrooms are next on the list of most commonly renovated areas. Before spending big money on renovations to your bedroom, consider whether you can give it a brand new look for a fraction of the expense. Replacing worn carpet with lovely new carpet will be a great start. Carpet prices are very competitive. Try adding a coat of new paint, perhaps a bright new lighting fixture and rug. Storage is all important in your bedroom, so consider adding some lovely wall shelving painted in a great contrasting colour.

Budget Bathrooms

Bathroom renovations are often expensive. New fixtures and plumbing does not come cheaply. The main aim of a bathroom renovation is to make the room like larger, brighter and fresher. These goals can be met another way. Grab some Tub and Tile and paint over old, shabby tiles. Get rid of your old shower curtain and install a clear glass shower screen. You can also replace old and worn taps and showerheads with new water-saving ones.