Saturday, January 25, 2014

5 Early Signs of Hair Loss for Men

This is a guest post from Transitions Hair Group, providing clients solutions for their hair loss, enabling them to look the way they want to look and be the person they want to be.

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Losing your hair is not fun, no matter who you are. For many men it can greatly affect their self-confidence and cause them a lot of anxiety. The good thing about it is that there are ways of prolonging baldness and keeping as much hair as possible, for as long as possible. The main thing that can prevent baldness from happening is to be aware of the early signs of hair loss and take preventative measures before it’s too late. Here are 5 early signs of hair loss for men.

Hairs in the Hairbrush or Comb

The first sign that you are losing hair, if you are aware of it, is finding more hairs than usual in the hair brush, or comb. When you start to see that there are more hairs than usual coming out of your head then it’s a nice early warning sign that you may be on the slippery slope to baldness. The more you lose, the less you have, so it’s a good time to start thinking about doing something about it.

Receding Hair Line

Another early warning sign that you are losing hair is the old receding hairline. You may notice that you have a lot more forehead than you did before, or that the sides of your face seems to be getting more skin where there used to be hair. This is another good early warning sign that there could be some hardcore balding on the way, but it is still early enough to seek treatment and prolong your head of hair for a bit longer.


Another sure sign that you are starting down that road to losing your hair is if it is thinning. If you are a person who has always had thick healthy locks, you may be more aware of it when it starts thinning out, and can act quickly to ensure that you keep it in as best shape as you can. One way to check this for sure is to part your hair and have a look at the density or thickness of hair growth. This will give you a clear idea about what is happening up there!

Small Patches of Thinning Around the Crown of the Scalp

Once it starts thinning out it will usually start to thin out in particular places, such as the crown of the scalp. This is the beginning of what for a lot of men ends up looking like a whole big patch of bald head on the top of their head. When it gets to this stage there is still a chance to seek treatment but the earlier you catch it, the better.

Patches Growing Larger Around the Crown

When you start to get large patches of baldness around the crown you are well on the way to losing your hair, or at least the top part. While for many treatments it may be too late by the time it gets to this stage, but for those who have the money, plugs can save the day and give you back the hair that you have lost. If your hair is at this stage, or any of the earlier stages and you want to know your options check out and see if they can help.