Tuesday, January 14, 2014

5 Tips that will Help Speed up your Home Renovation

This is a guest post from Mabey Hire Australia, a team with over 50 years collective experience in the Australasian equipment hire industry.
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Whether you are renovating to create extra space or renovating to update your outdated layout, there are steps to take to ensure you get the job done, so you can enjoy the end result as soon as possible. Renovations can be stressful, exciting and challenging but any renovation job you do will certainly add value to your home.

Make a list of materials needed for your renovation

Make sure to order early any materials needed for the job. Have the correct tools, nails, fasteners etc. that you will need. Each day throughout the reno, make a note of any items you will need for the following day, so you can start each day totally prepared.

Limit the mess

Every renovation will come with mess. Provide a protective path such as old carpet with the soft side placed face down, drop cloths, EuroMats for chemical protection or where light vehicles will be used, and plywood offcuts outdoors to walk over. Also provide plenty of waste bins or hire a skip bin for larger jobs. Sturdy plastic buckets are ideal for collecting smaller debris to transport outside. Buckets are also great for storing fittings which can easily become lost in the renovation mess.

Set up a tool table

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Place a long length of wide plywood over a couple of saw horses and keep all the tools needed in this spot. There is nothing more frustrating than walking from room to room trying to find where you left a particular tool that you now want to use. If necessary, use a small portable compressor. Mini compressors are much easier to carry around from room to room than their larger counterparts. Also make sure to have adequate lighting.

Do it right

Set a budget, but if this renovation is going to last a long time, do it right. Buy quality fittings as they will last and you won’t have to replace them in a couple of years. If your budget doesn’t extend to that, go for a mid-price range. Have a plan in place for each area of your home you want to renovate. Quality fittings and quality tradespeople will ensure you get the job done properly. Taking shortcuts and being cheap may mean extra cost in the future.

Foundations and house raising

If your renovation includes replacing or shoring up existing foundations or raising your home to create a two storey residence, always call in the experts. If you need trench shoring or formwork propping contact Mabey Hire Australia. They will work with your builder to give site advice and support.

The popularity of home reno shows on television have inspired many novices and experienced renovators to undertake home makeovers. Many people really like the location where they live, so a home overhaul seems like the ideal thing to do. Renovating for profit has also seen an increase in the sale of older neglected homes. To ensure you are adding value to your home, research what renovations will add value to your location. City areas have different needs to suburban areas. Outdoor decks, off street parking and large family rooms are all things to take into consideration.